Friday, May 11, 2007

West Coast of Ireland - Galway

We are in Galway on the west coast of Ireland. It has been a nice drive and feels good to get out and about, away from Dublin. It was a little over a 3 hour drive, but we made it longer because we stopped at several places along the way.
Its still a little strange for someone from the States to be able to drive from one side of a country to the other in this short amount of time. Back home, it took twice as long to cross my home state of Pennsylvania than it did to cross Ireland today.

We had a couple drinks in the afternoon, ate a small snack, and went for a walk about the area. There are lots of shops to browse, several local artists out on the street playing and singing Irish tunes and putting on a little show for the passers by. Some of the musicians were really good, others would not want to meet Simon Cowell!
This is a beautiful area with lots of brightly colored houses. It is located next to the Atlantic Ocean. It makes me remember the times I stood on the beaches of the States and looked across the Ocean wondering what was out there on the other side. Now I am on the other side and looking back knowing America was on the other side was really surreal for me.
Galway reminds me of the NJ and Delaware beach towns back in the States. A mix of tourists and locals amongst the architecture of old and new.

Its been a little cloudy today, raining off and on. We have had moments where the sun shone through, but tonight they are call for thunderstorms and rain. We are headed out tonight to eat dinner at Schooners on the Bay. I am ready for a nice meal, some red wine, and great conversation.

Its Friday night, which means its the weekend. For anyone taking the time to read this, remember that no matter where you are from or where you are going, Friday night is a wonderful place to be. Enjoy the weekend.


budajsguy said...

Beautiful pictures! Keep having a great time. Have a beer for me!

Anonymous said...

I ate at the Schooner before. Great place. Loved it.

bebe said...

That place looks beautiful. Enjoy the trip.

Kelly said...

wish i was there with you!

Anonymous said...

See any Leprachauns yet?