Sunday, October 19, 2008

Still With Me

I leave this morning for another week at sea. Only a few weeks left before we take a two month winter break. The morning arrived too fast and as I tried to crawl out of bed, my man grabbed me and pulled me back to him and held me fast against his warm, naked body. I told him I had to get up and get ready. He started kissing my neck, which I love, so I told him I guess I could be a little late.

I love the sea and I love my job, but on mornings like this its hard to get out of bed knowing I'm leaving him behind and won't get to see him for several days. This morning I took his hand and told him to follow me and I led him to the shower and the nice warm water. We stood with him pressed up behind me and his arm rubbing my chest and we just stood under the warm water for the longest time, enjoying the warmth and each other.

After the shower I leaned him against the sink and gave him a shave. Then I took his after shave and put some on him and splashed some on me so I would smell like him for a bit after leaving him today.

We got dressed and he drove me to the docks where we sat awhile and talked and held hands. It all went by too fast and before I knew it he was driving away and I was walking to the ship. Now I'm sitting here on the ship waiting for the last of the crew to arrive before we sail. It's going to be another long week and I miss him already.

Everyone is busy talking, drinking coffee and having breakfast, but I am sitting alone in my bunk. I keep pulling my shirt collar up to smell his cologne. I close my eyes remembering this morning and it feels as though he is right here with me. I love you, see you soon and when I get home it will be my turn for the shave!

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Irish Mountainside


Beach Exposure

One advantage of surfing and swimming in cold weather is that you always see a lot of men changing out of their wetsuits and into warmer dress clothing. I can't count how many times me and my friends have done this and I wonder how many pictures of my ass are out on the internet? lol

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Turkish Men

I love Turkish men.

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Porn For My Country Friends!

Enjoy! lol

Dock Trouble

I almost had a bad scene at the docks when we came back to port. Everyone knows docklands are rough places, but I never had any trouble with anyone until this weekend. I was walking down the docks at dusk carrying my duffel bag as I headed home for the weekend.

Two men walked up to me and asked me for a light. When I replied I didn't smoke, they started asking what I had in the bag. Told them none of their business and kept walking. They started circling around me as I walked and making threats about taking the bag and having a look themselves. I just kept walking being sure to keep me eye on both of them. I thought if I just keep walking, they'll get tired of following me. But one of them stood directly in my way and the other one blocked me on the side. At this point I decided it was time to be ready to defend myself, so I took a step back and sat the bag down between my legs. Now looking back I was surprised how calm I was. My heart was racing with adrenaline, but my mind stayed clear. I was actually thinking to myself that I hope the martial arts training was about to pay off or I was seriously going to demand my money back.

By this time they're dancing around me, shouting as loud as they can, and taunting me. I took my fighting stance and was deciding which one I was going to take out first when they suddenly backed off and started walking away swearing. I noticed they were looking over my shoulder. When I turned to see what they were looking at, I noticed two of the local homeless guys that I've befriended over the months, walking fast towards me. So my brief moment of thinking my manliness scared them off soon crashed and burned when I realized they left because they were out numbered.

I waited awhile to post this until I told Gareth because I knew he would overreact....and he did! I'll be more careful now and Gareth made me agree to get rides and not walk home alone for awhile. But I'm not going to let some punks ruin my love of the docks. Besides I found out this weekend that the guys I've slipped some money too, shared breakfast and some whiskey with, are willing to look out for me too. That's what friends do. Even though I never considered them my "friends" before, I guess looking at it now, we have crossed a line and we've formed a friendship. It pays to be kind to people, because you never know when someone will be there for you and repay you with kindness.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Out On The Town

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Cats, Pubs, and Showers

When my man Gareth and Hamish get back from Mass, we're going to the Blarney Inn off Kidare Street. This is an old style Irish pub open since 1837 and serves fantastic Irish Stew.

My flat mate and I just got back from a soccer/football match. While he is getting a shave, I thought I'd pop on and post a few things. I wanted to answer some emails, but there are tons to go through.
My cats have been circling me like sharks for the last couple minutes trying to get my attention to give them their dinner. They have now each taken a position on top the desk, one on each side of the computer and are taking turns meowing at me. So, I better get off this computer and settle this rowdy crowd down. I also need to hurry my flat mate up in the bathroom so I can get a shave too and be ready for when the boys get home. They'll be just as hungry as my cats are now and ready to get to the pub.

Everyone out there, enjoy your Saturday night. As always, have fun, but come home safe.

Soccer Aid 2008

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Saturday Night Fun

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Bourne Is Back

Variety reports that Matt Damon will reprise his role as former assassin Jason Bourne for a fourth time. Writer George Nolfi, who wrote "The Bourne Ultimatum" has been hired to write the script for the film. Paul Greengrass, who directed the other three films in the 'Bourne' series, is also attached to the fourth. I love these films.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Beautiful Morning

I love watching the sunrise at sea. Wishing everyone a great week. For me, it's back to sea. Ing have a great first week of school. If you need any apples for the teacher, let me know. I have a friend Buda who is teachers pet and has tons of shiney apples he can lend you. lol

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Back In My Arms

It was good to get home yesterday. The smell of my house, the greetings of my cats and flat mate, eating food out of my own fridge and taking a shower in my own shower. It was great to be home.

I went over to my mans place last night and waited for him to get home from work. I was planning this passionate greeting at the door. Life happens though, and he didn't get home from the hospital until 4:00 am. One of his patients had emergency surgery and I fell asleep on the couch waiting for him to come home.

My heart actually started racing a bit when I saw him walk in the door as I woke up to the noise. I missed him so much this week and it was a relief almost to finally see him. When he saw me lying on his couch, he smiled a big smile and first thing he said was "I love you fella". He took his shoes off and crawled on the couch next to me, our legs intermingling as we kissed and he wrapped his big arm around me.

I took his tie off and unbuttoned his shirt. As we said a few things to each other, he kissed me again and said "Do you want to?" I said "Sure, do you want to?" He whispered, "Yeah." He kissed me, then put his head on my chest. I wrapped my arm around him and he fell asleep. I pulled the blanket off the back of the couch and covered us up.

It didn't turn out to be the passionate greeting I had planned, but having him in my arms again was all I needed to fall asleep happy and content. It was good to be home.

Of course tonight, he has some dancing to do and I have some money to spend! lol

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Henry Cavill - The Tudors

He is probably one the most beautiful men I've ever seen! Next to my man of course! Now you can't beat me for saying the first remark! lol

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Hollyoaks Hunk

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Highland Games


This is how I feel today. We went for a hike this morning and now I'm knackered. It was great being outside and enjoying the day. I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend and I recommend spending it outdoors if you have the weather.

Shirtless With A Tie

One of my blog readers sent me this photo since I blogged several times about my hate of wearing ties the past week. Nice photo. Thanks.

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In a breaking scandal, Winnie The Pooh has been revealed! Children around the world are shocked, but gay men are scanning their cupboards for some honey....and maybe some coolwhip!
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River Liffey

Turn Out The Lights

Traditional light bulbs are to be phased out, with half of the range being banned from shops by March of next year.

The policy is being introduced by Minister for the Environment John Gormley in order to reduce the greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change, but also as a way consumers can make significant savings on their energy costs.

According to Sustainable Energy Ireland, energy efficient light bulbs use 20% of the energy compared to traditional bulbs and last up to 10 times longer - making real savings for consumers, while lowering Ireland's carbon emissions.

Mr Gormley's bright idea is to phase out the sale of energy inefficient bulbs in a four-stage process; the first to go, from March, will be traditional bulbs with an electrical power consumption rating of 75 watts or more.

The plan is contained in a 14-page consultation paper which contains some highly technical detail over what bulbs will be discontinued, and when, up to the year 2012.
Minister Gormley maintains that the Irish light bulb industry, which had been hostile to his plans, is now onboard following lengthy negotiations.

Only In Love With You

Only In Love With You
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Josh is this a better video? lol

Weekend Night Out