Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Men Kissing

Why is it woman are fascinated by two men kissing? I guess its like when two straight men see two woman kiss, but I just never thought woman would be into that. But apparently they are because my girl-friends that are visiting me think its hot when they see two guys kissing. At the picnic yesterday, there were other woman there and a couple of gay men couples. Whenever one of the gay men couples kissed, the straight woman were making remarks about how nice and sexy that was for them to see. I never realized that many woman would find two men kissing to be sexy. I don't get turned on when I see two straight people kiss, so I have no clue why straight people want to see two gay people kiss.

The girls have been playing on my friends computer finding videos of guys kissing that they think are hot and these are the ones they liked the most.

Girls, you know I love you and its been great that you have been here for the week, with me 24 hours a day, even when I was getting a shower you felt the need to keep me company. (I couldn't even get a good wank could I?) For a week did I mention that? After seeing these videos, I am ready for some alone time with my man. What time does your plane leave? Want me to check for an earlier flight? No really, its no trouble. Oh lets see, there is one leaving in 1/2 an hour! Whats that, that flight is to the Congo? Well, whats a little detour? You can get a nice suntan there before heading back home?

If they read this before they leave, I am going to get pounded.

From my favorite movie...Plata Quemada

My second favorite gay movie - All Over the Guy

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Anonymous said...

Hot. Very hot.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I luv kissin

Anonymous said...

Two men kissing's much hotter to see than two woman!

budajsguy said...

How did I know you'd have a scene from Burnt Money? The girls are right tho. Seeing two guys kiss is hella hot--it's even better when you're one of the guys, eh?

Anonymous said...

Amo a hombres de Argentina