Saturday, August 30, 2008

Boat Ride

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Swim Fun

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Henry Cavill Naked

Hot stud from the Tudors, filmed in Ireland.

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Happy Anniversay Tom and Mark

Happy Birthday Vincent

Brian Thomas - State Of Undress

I just want to walk up and smack that ass! lol

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We're All Human, Just Different

Hard Working


I watched the Barrack Obama speech this morning. I thought he looked very Presidential, carried himself well, and his speech matched my outlook on where the US is and where it needs to go. Now of course, a speech is still just a speech. Actions speak louder than words. But at least he is talking the talk I want to hear.

McCain picking Sarah Palin to be his running mate is a very desperate move on his part. McCain has been trying to become President for years and has learned how to play the game to get it done. He lost all credibility in attacking Obama for his lack of experience. Yes, he will get some woman voters who would have voted for Obama to now vote for him. But I think a majority of Hillary Clinton's supporters backed her because they believed in her, not because she was a woman. Does McCain really think a woman who has any knowledge of life is going to vote for his ticket that is running on a pro-life stance? Any woman that does is basically throwing away a lot of her rights by choosing that ticket. And I also think he will scare away many in his party who would have voted for him because they are not willing to trust this unknown person with the leadership of their country if something happens to McCain.

America stands at a point in time where in the next four years, three Supreme Court judges could be picked by the next President. If Americans really want change for the better, to include freedoms and full rights for all of its citizens, they have to vote for the Democratic ticket this year. Otherwise the religious conservatives will fill those posts and America will be thrown back 200 years. The religious fanatic's that are trying to control the political agenda, the hate-mongers like Rush Limbaugh who spread hate over the radio airwaves, and the people who wish to take a woman's right to choose away from her and put it in the hands of men in Washington need to be stopped. These radicals in the states are no different than the Muslin fanatic's America is opposing overseas. America is better than these last eight years and I hope Americans are ready to vote and make a change to get America back to not only the land of the brave, but the home of the free.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Kenny Egan - Irelands Olympic Silver Medalist, Boxing

Olympic Silver Medalist in Boxing, Kenny Egan. Ireland has been captivated with you and the Irish Boxing team for the showing you had at the Beijing Olympics. You did yourself and your country proud. Now the cameras can leave your mums house and you can enjoy some Guiness with your friends when you get back to Dublin. A hero's welcome awaits you!

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Irish Seas

I'm on my way out to sea this week. Everyone have a good week. As you can see from our weather conditions, it will be cold, rainy, and rough on the ocean this week. I quit my desk job for this because....

Someone Got Inspired By The Olympics!

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Exploring Irish Dunes

Bad Boy

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Andrew Cooper

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Back To School Week

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ken Egan - Going For The Gold

Ken goes for the gold medal at 8:50 this morning. A bunch of us got together to have a little party tonight and celebrate his achievement. We've all crashed in the living room now. Hamish and I are the only two still awake although Hamish is about to fall asleep now that he crawled into the sofa chair. We have the timer set to go off at 8 to wake us so we can watch the match. I'm gonna go over and crawl on the couch with my man and snuggle in with him and get a few hours sleep. Good luck Ken.
Here is Kens facebook page if you want to leave him a good luck message or congratulations message.

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Summer Sun

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Formula 17

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This Is Me Your Talking Too

Matthew Mitcham

Matthew Mitcham of Australia, the only out-gay man at the Olympics won the Gold Medal in the 10 metre platform. Way to go Matthew.

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