Monday, February 25, 2008

I Hate Saying Goodbye

When I took this job, I didn't really think it would be that hard to say goodbye for a few days or a week to my man. I figured what's a few days.
I didn't realize how many days in a month we would be apart and its becoming harder, not easier to do. When we're apart, I just miss being close to him.
We just spent the last hour holding each other laying on the couch. No telly, no music, nothing but the sound of our heartbeats and breathing. The smell of his cologne, the warmth of his body, the softness of his neck and the pounce of my cats.
Yes, my cats. He was lying on top of me and they jumped up on his back and laid down. It was the cutest thing. Even though I was under the crush of all three of them, it was wonderful. Everything I loved was right here on the couch.


There are sevaral Irish nominated for Oscars tonight. Daniel Day Lewis is the favorite for best actor. They'll be partying in Dublin if he wins.


For once I am happy I don't have much hair on my body. The last guy looks cute and I love the expression he has on his face after they do his chest. He looks like he had an orgasm. My man has a hairy chest, I asked him if I could do that to him and he asked me if I wanted to live. I take it that was a no.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Funny, Sexy

You have to watch this one all the way through to get the joke. This made us both laugh out loud. Ok, gotta get back to Eurosong.

French Dessert

My cousin's friend sent me this in an email. I thought I would share. Makes me want to move to France and get a job at this place.

EuroSong Contest

Right now we are watching the EuroSong contest to see who will represent Ireland. Not sure who Ireland will pick, but I have a feeling they will vote for the bird puppet Dustin the Turkey. Below is his song. Sounds like he spent all night in the pub before singing this. If only Simon Cowell could hear him I would love to hear what he says about this contestant.

My pic is actually Donal Skehan. But his sound comes a dime a dozen and I don't think he will get enough votes to win.

And Dustin the Turkey with Westlife on the late, late show. He is a better comedian than singer.

Boy Culture

We just watched a good movie tonight called Boy Culture. If your looking for a movie to rent this weekend to stay out of the cold, I recommend getting this movie, making some popcorn and getting under a nice warm blanket and enjoy the night.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Дима Билан Я тебя помню

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I Like To Move It, Move It

Cheese Doodle



Some of the waves were so rough this week I nervous. There were times when I could just feel my heart racing and I don't think it could have beat any faster without bursting. It was exhilirating and scarey at the same time.
At one point it even snowed and they were the biggest flakes I had ever seen in my life. I tried to take pictures of it, but they just turned out all white and you can't see any of the snow flakes.
It was a long week, I am glad to be home.

A Coastal View


Monday, February 18, 2008

Back To Sea

I have trouble waking up when I have to get up at a time I am not used to waking. Sunday night I stayed at my mans flat and slept on the couch waiting for him to come home from working the late shift so he could wake me up to get ready to go to work for another voyage. When I did try to wake up, I was actually lost for a moment. I couldn't remember where I was and it was hard pulling myself out of my dream state. Did you ever have that happen to you? It's not a pleasant experience actually.

As tired as I feel right now, I feel bad for him now too becuase he has to stay up and drive me to the docks. But at least that will give us a few moments in the car to say goodbye. I am going to be gone for the week, so don't worry as Ahhhnold says, I'll be back.

First Love - Craig and John Paul - Hollyoaks

This video really captures the lost innocence of your first gay love. From dealing with the feelings of those who feel hurt by your decision to dealing with the new feelings of having found someone just like you in this world and falling in love with another guy and all that goes with first love.

Most of us thought our first love would be the greatest love of our lives, the one that would last forever. Even though lasting first love is not attainable for most of us, and it was not for me, I still remember my first love with mixed emotions. First love is an everlasting emotion, one we never forget.

It's still painful as a whole to think about all we had to deal with as young teenagers in love. I remember saying goodbye to my first love and as I turned to walk away I knew that life had more waiting for me to discover, but I knew I was a changed person and I knew I would always carry that first love with me in my heart.

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Dancing Shirtless US Army Men

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Baby Elephant Born in Dublin Zoo

I need to visit the zoo when it warms up. One thing I have not done yet in Dublin.
Today the zoo welcomed a newborn male baby Asian elephant.

The still unnamed calf, was born to mother Yasmin at around 5.00am. Both are said to be "thriving".

The baby will be kept indoors for several weeks to allow him to bond with other members of the herd, including Asha, who became the first ever Irish-born elephant when she arrived last May.

Elephant pregnancies last 22 months and babies weigh around 80 kilos when born.

"We are absolutely delighted with the birth of our second elephant calf in the last 12 months," said the zoo director, Leo Oosterweghel.

"There is a huge sense of excitement in here and we look forward to introducing him to the public over the coming weeks."

Over 900,000 people visited Dublin Zoo last year, the highest number in its 176-year history.

CK Underwear Model - Bryan Thomas

Ireland To Recognize Kosovo Independence

Minister for Foreign Affairs Dermot Ahern has said the Government will recognise Kosovo to help bring stability to the Balkans.

"We are faced with a decision to recognise Kosovo. My intention is to do so," he said. "Serbia effectively lost Kosovo through its own actions in the 1990s.
"The bitter legacy of the killings of thousands of civilians in Kosovo and the ethnic cleansing of many more has effectively ruled out any restoration of Serbian dominion in Kosovo."

EU ministers are set to meet in Brussels tomorrow to try and agree a position.
Most of the 27 EU countries are likely to recognize Kosovo rapidly but at least six - Cyprus, Greece, Slovakia, Spain, Bulgaria and Romania - have indicated they will not do so immediately.

Mr Ahern said the status quo could not continue in Kosovo and said he would recommend to ministers that Ireland formally recognise the new country.
"We need to move on and deliver on a permanent settlement. I don't think we can continue leaving matters as they are," he told RTÉ Radio.

Fine Gael's foreign affairs spokesman Billy Timmins and
Labour's European affairs spokesman Joe Costello also welcomed Kosovo's declaration.

However, Mr Costello said clarification was needed on the "precise status" of the nearly 300 Irish troops stationed in Kosovo as part of a 16-000 strong Nato force.

"While there was a UN agreement on the establishment of the peacekeeping force of which Ireland forms a major part, there is now no UN agreement on Kosovo's independence," he said. "There must be a UN mandate before Ireland can participate in any military mission abroad."

Irelands Eurovison Entry Could Be A Real Turkey

In the past some unkind critics have described Ireland's entries in the Eurovision as turkeys but this year we could actually have a turkey performing our entry.

Irelande Douze Pointe
The Irish final will be held on February 23rd when the public decides who will represent Ireland at the Eurovision semi-final in Serbia in May. Already the turkey has ruffled feathers with one Eurovision fans' website reporting that Dustin is in the running, with the headline "Puppet to Mock Eurovision?"

The Dublin turkey has an impressive CV, having run for president of Ireland, recorded with Bob Geldof and made a career out of insulting Pat Kenny and mocking Leitrim. But the puppet will have to pull some strings if he wants to make it to Belgrade. Bill Hughes, chairman of the judging panel, said Irish voters would have a very strong field to choose from.

The other songs are:

Double Cross My Heart , performed by Donal Skehan and composed by Joel Humlén, Oscar Gorres and Charlie Mason; Time to Rise , performed by Maya and composed by Maja Slatinsek and Ziga Pirnat; Not Crazy After All , performed by Leona Daly and composed by Leona Daly and Steve Booker; Sometimes , performed by Liam Geddes and written by Susan Hewitt; and Chances , written and performed by Marc Roberts, who came second in the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest.

Mr Hughes said the panel did not choose Dustin's song in a flippant manner. "We did think seriously about it but once we heard it and we all laughed so much we decided it was worth including."

Ireland had never entered a novelty or humorous song before, he said, and it was just one of six songs for the public to choose from. John Waters, who co-wrote last year's Irish entry, was not getting into a flap over the prospect that his successor could be a turkey. "Don't forget that we are talking about the Eurovision. It's fun, it's kitsch and nobody takes it all that seriously," he said.

He may have come last, but Waters believes that the turkey cannot lose, because of his novelty value. "If Dustin wins it's a victory and if he comes last it's a victory. The worst thing would be if Dustin came second-last. That would be failure as we would have beaten him." Dustin's election campaigns included promises such as bringing the Dart to Dingle, but he will have to step up his game as he bids for Eurovision glory. The only problem is, will Europe understand him when he shouts his catchphrase "Go on ya good ting"?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Shoulder Hurts

I hurt my right shoulder today and the pain is keeping me awake tonight. My man tried to rub it, but that hurt. I tried a heating pad, but that didn't help. So we are trying an ice pack right now. Hopefully making it numb will allow me to fall asleep before it thaws back out and the pain comes back. Right now it feels like someone is digging their fingers into the back of my shoulder blade.

We're both so tired right now. I told him to go to bed, but he won't go without me he said while I am in pain. What a sweetie. I think not...he will be using this against me sometime in the near future. He'll want me to do something and he'll bring this up mentioning the time he stayed up til the wee hours of the morning with me and my bad shoulder. It will be guilt trip city. I am on to his game and there is no shame in his game. Just kidding. He is a sweetie.


Vote today for Monica Lewinsky's boyfriends wife for President!



Stealing Your Change


Word of advice, don't go to the Guiness Brewery before you make you make your signs up.

Perfect Chest

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What's For Lunch

Imagine them dating?
She is lucky there was no earthquake that day. Imagine if he lost his balance and fell into her, she would have gone straight through that wall. He must be a great sumo wrestler, I could not imagine trying to move him around.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Westminster Grand Champion - UNO

Westminster Grand Champion Dog
It's about time a real dog like a Beagle wins Best In Show.
Snoopy would be proud!

Monday, February 11, 2008

A Man My Size?

With the new job on the ship and having taken up martial arts again, I have dropped some weight in the last month. On the ship this week, the pants that I had taken along seemed to hang loose on my body. Even my belt, which was in its last notch, could not keep them held up properly. Everyone that stood behind me on the ship knew what color underwear I had on. Fortunately one of the ladies had a needle and thread and did a little hemming for me to tuck them in.

After arriving back to Dublin today I went to work out before coming home. I had a pair of silver and black silk shorts that I packed and took along with me that I like to wear sometimes when working out. Even they kept falling off my hips as I was doing my kicks on the bag. After showering at the gym, I decided to do some clothes shopping before going home.

At the mens clothing store, I tried on some jeans. I am now in between a size 30-32. So I dropped a size in pants. Which is fine, I knew I had lost some wieght from the exercise I was getting. But what I didn't expect was that the length of my pants has shrunk from that of a size 30 to a size 29 length. That means I'm not only losing weight, I'm shrinking! I'm not supposed to shrink until I am sixty! I have been 5'11 for years. I want to stay 5'11! My man is 6'3, if I get any shorter he won't even see me!!

The one clerk that was helping me pick out some pants made a comment, "You look good in those jeans for a man your size?" I didn't think about it until later, but now I wonder what he meant by a man my size, what does that mean? Was he calling me short?

I'm Back

I'm back home on dry land. I got home around 7pm tonight. My two boys are at work, but my cats were excited to see me. They even sat on the side of the tub when I got a shower and are now curled up on each side of my chair right now as I type on the computer.

I am getting used to the people I work with now on the crew. My best friend at work has become this Canadian man. We seem to gravitate to each other when there is free time and share stories and music. For the most part I just do my job and spend time watching the seas or the stars when I get a chance. I am really tired of the cold weather, Spring needs to get here fast.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Torchwood Ianto/Jack - Season 2

Kissing - My favorite contact sport

Finally a television program that shows a man asking another man out on a date. I love Ianto's response too, he longs to be with him, but is playing it coy and makes him work for it. I hope they continue to show the romance between them blossom and I can finally see someone like myself on television. How amazing it is to have a character I can relate to instead of some caricature portrayed on most shows.

But then again, sometimes us shy guys have to take matters into our own hands, so to speak...

I can't sleep tonight, I slept almost all day yesterday trying to recharge my body. But it threw me off for tonight, I can't sleep now. I decided to watch the three newest episodes of Torchwood. Still not tired so I think I will make some tea and toast and watch the sun come up on the new day.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Soreness

This afternoon I called my teacher to see when the workout schedule is for next week. I forgot to take it last night when I left. This was a bad idea. He asked me what I was doing today, I being the idiot that I am replied I was doing nothing. He said, "No sit on couch, come work out." Before I knew what I was doing, I was at the gym getting pummeled again. We worked on the bag until I thought my arms would fall off. When he satisfied with the work I did on the bag, he made me do ab workouts until the place was closing. It was a good three hour workout.

I got home and my man was already in bed sleeping after working a double shift. I didn't want to wake him so I decided to get on the computer for a bit. My arms are still like rubber. I drank a large glass of Orange Juice. It tasted so good. I have a craving for a slice of pizza right now. But not gonna happen. I'm gonna go ly down on the couch and fall asleep to the telly. I don't even have the strength to take my jeans off.

The last thing he said to me after he dropped me off at home, "Good workout. Even better tomorrow. See you at three." There is saying that words can't kill, but hearing those words cut like a knife.

Note to self...."Get the schedule before you leave. Never call the teacher!"