Saturday, May 26, 2007

Clubbin in Dublin

Three of my girls from the States are here. We are about to go back out to finish our night off at one of the local pubs. It has been great seeing them again. We have had a great time so far. But I have to say, having three girls share my place is a big adjustment. I wake up and I see boobies everywhere as they get washed and dressed. I thought they would be more modest, but these girls have no shame. My bedroom smells like baby powder and my bathroom looks like a drag queens makeup dresser. There are curling irons, hair dryers, makeup kits, eyeliners, powder puffs, and things like the little bag beside the toilet that I don't even want to know whats inside.
We went to the pub down the street last night and Dana met this one guy. I heard him tell her she was sexy. She replied, oh I look awful, I just threw myself together tonight. Threw yourself together! Honey, you took an hour and a half to get ready. Woman lie!!!!! The guy told her he would meet her there today for lunch. So we went back and he never showed. Hmm, guess men lie too. We just did the Guiness Brewery tour. The lushes loved that. Now they want to go to a couple pubs and whore themselves around for the night. First we had to stop by my friends house so they could "freshen" up, so I figured I have time to write a blog post. They have kidnapped my boyfriend to help them freshen up. I don't even want to know the horrors he must be seeing right now. If you knew him, you would know how scared he must be right now. I better go save him.

To all the girls friends back home, they are having a great time and we will keep them safe. Tomorrow we are going to London in the morning and then Paris for Monday and coming back Tuesday. My cousin who has dual citizenship between the UK and America, is having a Memorial Day party since we Americans celebrate that holiday on Monday. We are planning on visiting some of the war memorials in France, which I am excited to see even though I know it will be very sad and solemn.

Have a great weekend and a great Memorial Day.


Anonymous said...

Send pictues when you can. Its good to know you are all hanging out. Can't wait for when the guys come over to visit.

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to see Danas boobies for years and you get to see them. And they are wasted on you. What a shame. lol Life is not fair.

Anonymous said...

I wanna go clubbin.