Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I can't believe how fast this past year went by.  I guess that means I was really busy and looking back at everything I did, I can say it was a busy year.  Which explains why Gareth and I decided to sleep New Years Eve away.  Not only did we have a busy year, but my sister and my niece came to visit me for Christmas and have spent the week here.  Took them horse back riding and hiking and shopping and to all the best restaurants.  There was so much I wanted to show them, we didn't get it all done this time.  But hopefully they will visit again soon and we can get to more of the Irish sites.  

We also made visits to Gareth's family and our friends stopped by and we went to their houses and as much as the holidays are about spending time with family and friends, I am thankful for a quiet evening with Gareth.  But we're not quite alone.  My sister went out with some of my friends to the Guinness party to have a good evening and my niece is staying here with us to celebrate the New Year.  So while everyone else will be out partying with champagne and singing songs, we'll be home watching the telly and making home made ice cream and eating barbeque sandwiches and I couldn't be happier.  

My niece got a camera and a cell phone for Christmas.  She can't stop talking or taking pictures.  Plus, she is figuring out a way to take one of the horsies as she calls them back to America.  I half expect her to pull it off with all the planning and ideas she has been coming up with on how to do it.  I am going to get her official horse riding lessons in the spring and of course a girl must accessorize so she already is spending my money on riding boots and she must have another pair of boots for when she cleans the horsies.  Plus, she wants her own saddle and a cowgirl hat and new jeans and cowgirl shirts.  I could go on with all the things she states she needs.  I keep asking her if she is barbie because that is the only girl I know with more accessories than what she is planning to have.  I just hope when she grows up she finds a Ken with lots of money and who is anatomically correct!

On this New Years Eve, there are many people on my mind tonight and in my heart.  This night always makes me take a moment to remember the ones we've lost and those who are far away.  So whether you're out at a party with your friends ringing in the New Year or sitting at home with the one you love or even by yourself, know that I am thinking of you tonight.  Its time for me to join Gareth on the couch as my niece and my cat play with their toys.   To all my friends around the world, from my little corner of the world in Ireland, we wish you all a Happy New Year. 

Nothings Real But Love

Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey, Sleep, and Manscaping

I made a twenty-four pound Turkey for Thanksgiving expecting to have a few people over for dinner.  Gareth was bringing a few of his doctor friends from the hospital.  With the turkey done and resting on the table, three of my friends sitting in the living room anxious to eat, and me looking out the window for them to arrive, I received a call from Gareth to tell me they would be late because of an emergency at the hospital. 

My friends were very understanding with the situation and it helped that I kept liquor in their glasses.  The only one that couldn't take it any longer was the cat who had sat by the stove all day while the turkey cooked.  He was now sitting next to the table letting out long, loud cries that would have scared anyone that heard them at night.  When I patted his head and said "My little beast can't wait for his feast" it led to a half hour of making Dr. Seuss type rhymes.  Before long Gareth walked in with one friend and apologized for being late and that they had to get back to the hospital and couldn't stay.  So we quickly put the food on the table, cut the turkey and had a quick ten minute meal together before they had to take their plates and leave again.  My friends decided to move their second plates of food to the living room to watch television.  After several days of planning and all day cooking, it was all over in ten minutes.  Now it was just me and my cat who had taken a seat at the end of the table and munched on a bowl of his own turkey.  The beast was having his feast.  

Later that evening when the dishes were done, the food put away, and the friends gone home I fell upon the couch exhausted.  A few bounces on the back of the couch let me know my cat had decided to join me for a nap.  Over the next couple days this was how the day would go.  My cat and I munching on the leftovers, Gareth making a brief appearance here and there, friends calling and stopping by for a moment.  But mostly it was spent getting caught up on all the sleep I hadn't been getting.  

With my body feeling refreshed from all the rest, I decided to work out this morning.  After the workout I noticed I need a shave.  As I was shaving I noticed I had a few hairs on my chest and I thought I should do some manscaping.  Now I don't have a hairy chest and the idea of me needing to man-scape my chest brought a smile to my face, but it brought a look of confusion on Gareth's face when he walked in to see me running the razor over my chest.  With a puzzled look he asked, "What are you doing?" With a smile and cocksure attitude I replied "I'm manscaping!"  With a quick laugh before leaving the bathroom he answered, "Unbelievable." 

So that was my weekend and I'm going to enjoy my last day of vacation before I have to go to the office tomorrow.  I decided to make some turkey sandwiches and take them to the hospital to have dinner with Gareth since he is working late again.  He wants to do some shopping tonight before coming home so maybe I'll talk him into stopping by the pharmacy to get some hair removal products in case my three chest hairs come back and then I'll sit back and count how many times he says "Unbelievable" before we get back home. lol

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jimmy Fallon - Sexiest Celebrity Alive

People Magazine may have picked Bradley Cooper as their Sexiest Man Alive this year, but clearly they got it wrong.  To me Jimmy Fallon is the winner of this title.  GQ has picked him for Showman of the year along with Justin Timberlake, so apparently others are being won over by his charms.  Jimmy is not only a handsome Irish American, but he is the nicest man in show business.  You could say he was the male version of Betty White.  

The world can have their muscled Bradley Cooper, with his light blue eyes, deep tanned muscles bulging on muscles, and his hairy chest...and...what was I saying?  Oh yeah, the world can have Bradley, but I'll take my Jimmy with his every day man's cuddly body.  Plus, nothing is sexier than a man who can make me laugh and Jimmy Fallon has done that many times over the years.  

As I've mentioned several times on this blog the first thing that attracts me to a person is their smile and no one in show business has a sexier smile than Jimmy.

GQ Man Of The Year - Showman