Sunday, May 6, 2007

Body Clock

Ok, this sucks. I can sleep in today and my body clock, which is now used to getting up early in the morning during the week for work, has kicked in. I made it home around 2:00 am, and here it is 6:00 am. I should still be sleeping.

I thought I would post something quick, hoping it will make me sleepy again. I had a great time on my date. We had a great dinner, I was stuffed by the time we left there. We went to the pubs and I met lots of great people, heard lots of great stories. The old guys once drunk, sung a few Irish songs. By the time we left the pub, I was all loved up and feeling good. Thank God for taxis!

When my date and I said goodnight (yes, I am a good boy and I don't go all the way this soon, I'm cheap, but not easy, lol)we shared a nice kiss goodnight. It was chilly out and I did not have a coat. So he put his arms around me and wrapped me in his coat and being that close and feeling the warmth of his body was really nice. But almost as nice was the feeling of my bed and blankets when I crawled into them. Once my date called to tell me he made it home alright, I was ready for a nice long sleep. But does that happen, no! Four hours later I have to piss like a race horse and now I am wide awake. I look like shite, I feel like shite. I am going to turn the telly on, lay on the couch, cover up and force myself to get some more sleep.


Anonymous said...

This is Dana. Sounds like you had a fun night. Hope you were able to get some sleep.

Anonymous said...

I tried to drink a Guinness in your honor last night. I could not drink it. That type of beer is not for me. Us 'mericans will just have to stick to our JD.

BO said...

hates having to piss in the mid of the night. Hates it. Thats why I start my drinking early in the day, doesn't keep me up at night.