Monday, November 26, 2007


These guys are good kissers.

After watching them, I need to kiss someone.

Hey you! Yeah you... right there reading this.

Come here and kiss me.

Youre doing it wrong

DHL Gay kiss

Durex - Condom

Watching You

Have you ever been in a room full of people, standing at the bar waiting for a drink, everyone is talking and mingling, but as you look around the room, you notice someone watching you? You look away for a moment and then look back and they are still staring at you.
Suddenly your eyes lock with his and before you know it you are paralyzed and can't move. Sort of like a deer in headlights type of thing. Your mind starts to wonder is my zipper down, do I have toilet paper on my shoe, is he looking at something behind me. Just when you are about to crack and yell what the hell are you staring at, they smile at you! A smile so cute and sweet that it breaks down your defenses and you go from being annoyed to intrigued.
You start to wonder is this bloke interested in me, should I go talk to him, should I play hard to get, or what if he is a serial killer and I am his next victim? You suddenly realize your eyes are still locked together and you quickly turn to look in another direction, any direction.
You pretend to be interested in something else, but all the while he is the only thing you can think of. So you allow yourself a small little glance back in his direction to see if he is still watching you. But as you turn back trying not to make eye contact again, you suddenly realize he is gone. Then you start to wonder where did he go, did he loose interest in me, did I seem unapproachable, maybe he was looking at someone behind me. You begin to wonder why you didn't smile back or walk over and say something to him.
You turn back around to the bar to order another drink to wash away another wasted moment in your life when you realize the man that was staring at you is now standing right next to you, a smile bigger than life on his face as he introduces himself and asks you what you are drinking.
Suddenly a smile begins to break across your face as you realize this is not going to be another wasted moment, this was a moment that would lead you to a lifetime of love with this person, or at the very least one less lonely evening.
You never know when love will find you, or lead you to the person you are meant to love in this life. Just remember, not only are you waiting for them to come into your life, they're waiting for you to come into theirs. So keep your eyes open, your heart ready to love, and a smile at the ready.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Boat Shopping

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about what I want to do with my life professionally. Do I want to take the job in Vancouver working for a studio doing animation or do I want to finally work for myself and maybe buy my own boat?

Today my boss is taking me and my guy to look at some boats for sale and then have lunch in Howth. Today is my guys last day of vacation so he is whining already this morining about it. He has had almost 4 weeks off since coming back from Africa. Its about time he gets back to work.

Well, I better get a shower and dressed to get this day started. Who knows, maybe by the end of today I will be the owner of a boat! Pretty scarey if you ask me.

Another Kiss

Loving You

Boondock Saints - Irish Angel

Saturday, November 24, 2007



Today is one of those days when I am just feeling tired and all I want to do is go back to bed and stay there for a few more hours and sleep. But I can't because my guy wants to go out shopping.

Some People Are Gay - Get Over It

The Circle Is Broken

We had a great time with our turkey dinner on Thursday. The food was good, the flat was filled with several good friends and family. We shared lots of stories, laughter, and good times.

My friends back in the states sent me a video online they taped of them all sharing Thanksgiving one last time as a group together. Two of my friends have taken job offers in different cities and will be moving in January. A married couple that I am friends with are selling their farm and moving to Texas. Another friend is moving to Toronto. My friends have been my family and when I have thought of home, I always think of this group of friends and wonder what they are doing and smile at things I remember about them. So this morning I am feeling sad to know that within a few months, my circle of friends will cease to exist. While we will always be friends, the distance that will separate us will gradually lead everyone to fade from each others lives. I have planned a trip back home in January to spend one last time with everyone before everything changes.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ianto Jones

Isn't he just the cutest?
If I were single, the things I would do to him!

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Dublin, Ireland Postcard

I am sending this postcard to a couple friends back in the states. I loved this picture, so I thought I would share it with you.

Homo For The Holidays

Tonight was very interesting. Thursday, which it has now officially become in Ireland, is Thanksgiving Day. A day when Americans give thanks and eat lots of turkey and filling and pies. Last Thanksgiving sucked because my cousin had gotten hurt and had surgery and I was helping him get better and he lived with a lady I could not stand, so it was not a fun holiday time. This year everything is much better and I decided to do a Thanksgiving dinner and invite some friends and make it a big day.

I talked my man and my roommate into helping me prepare the meal. Neither one of them have ever made a turkey, filling, or a pumpkin pie. Actually, because of this I made them do all the preparation and I just watched and stood around looking pretty and supervising.

Now I wish you guys could have seen those two in the kitchen. My man can stitch up people that are bleeding and wounded, but he got grossed out when he had to stick his hand inside the turkey to pull the stuff out and clean it out. If you could have seen his face. At one point the place got really hot from the fireplace and the oven to the point that they took their shirts off and put aprons on. I can't tell you how sexy that was watching them cook half naked. (My room mate is straight, so no we are not having a threesome for all those wondering!) I took pictures of them and will try to post them tomorrow when I download them from the camera. But I will probably be threatened with death and dismemberment if I do.

Now after their day in the kitchen, everything is ready to go for the feast. The cutest thing is they are both sitting on each end of the couch, enjoying the warmth of the fire, sound asleep. I tried to wake them a few minutes ago to go to their beds and lay down, but they both ignored me and didn't wake. So I threw a blanket over each one.

My cousin is one of the guests coming tomorrow and he asked me to download the new Gary Allen CD for him. I am doing that and posting this and then heading to bed for some sleep myself. Tomorrow will be a long day, but one I am sure will be filled with lots of laughter and good times. My first holiday season with my man and my Dublin friends. At this point in time, life is good.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lazy Sunday

I am tired this morning. I had all kinds of plans on getting things done today, but I think I will just be a couch potato and watch the telly all day. I'm hungry but I am too lazy to get up and make something for breakfast. I am actually lying down as I type this waiting for my guy or roommate to get up so I can talk them into making breakfast. I can't get any more lazier than this. I love Sundays. I'm pathetic I know.

A Moment To Remember

My mans sister got married yesterday. Maybe this will inspire him to pop the question to me and make me a bride instead of a bridesmaid. lol I caught the guarder belt, does that have the same meaning as catching the flowers? Whats that I hear, wedding bells? OK maybe not, but a guy can dream.

It was the first time meeting his most of his family and they were very nice and very accepting of us as a couple. My man gave a lovely toast to his sister, he made her and their mom cry.
There was one little old lady I noticed watching the bride and groom dance their first dance together. She was about 80 years old I was told. I happened to notice she had a few tears running down her face and I walked over to and handed her a tissue. She leaned into me as she took the handkerchief and said, "I was jest remembering the dance I had with my husband when we were married. It was 62 years ago, right after the war ended. He came home from the service and he asked me to marry him. I said yes right away because I realized while he was off at war that I didn't want to spend another day without him if he was lucky enough to return to me. And he was and we did and we were together almost every day of our lives from that point on until he died last year. Watching them dance brought back memories I thought were long forgotten. My mind drifted off a little, but that's OK, it was nice to go back in time for a moment and remember."
By the time she was done, I along with other who listened to her had tears running down our cheeks. I may never see that little old lady again, but I will never forget her.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wherever You Will Go

I have a friend in Vancouver, Canada who has been offering me a job for a few months now. It would be a dream job and an amazing experience if I decided to take this job. I kept putting him off because I wanted to talk to my guy when he came back from Africa and see what he thought of it and see if he would be interested in moving there with me.

We had that talk this week and to make a long story short, he is not really keen on moving to Canada. My friend from Canada called me several times this week saying he needs an answer soon. That is why I have not posted much lately, I have too much on my mind trying to think over things. Why does life have to be so complicated.

I wish I could see into the future and be able to tell that if I make this decision this is how my life will turn out and if I make the other decision this is how my life will turn out and then I could chose which one is best. But alas, that's not possible and no matter which one you chose you will always wonder what would life have been like if I had chosen the other path?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Armistice Day/Remembrance Day

We went to a little service yesterday for Armistice Day/Remembrance Day. I am glad to see others still remember those who fought, sacrificed, and died in WW1. I posted a link above to my friends site and nice little article he posted, plus another link to a nice poem posted from another friend.


Grey Suit

After work today I am going to go buy a new suit. I like the one in the picture above. I already have a navy blue suit with white pinstripes, so I thought I would go pick up a grey suit.
I didn't get much sleep last night, so its another tired start to another work week. At least my ankle is doing better and I can now walk with only a slight limp.

I love Autumn

Innocence Lost

This past week my roommate tried to talk things out with his father. For those now aware of his situation, his Father is an abusive alcoholic and that is the reason he is now living with me.

But you only get one Father in this life and now that he has been out of his Fathers house for a few weeks he thought he could talk to him and maybe work something out. Maybe his Father missed him enough to be willing to seek help for his drinking and things could be different between them.

Earlier this week he invited his Father to come over for dinner. My guy and I hung around for a little bit to make sure everything was OK. When his Father arrived, both seemed nervous, but everything seemed to be going OK. So my guy and I decided to go do some errands and leave them to talk.

At the first stop we had to make my guy realized he left his wallet back at my place. So we ran back to get it and I am so glad we did. It was like a guardian angel took that wallet to allow us to come back in time. When we got back we heard shouting from the flat all the way outside. Now, I had hurt me ankle and was not able to move as fast as me guy. By the time I got to the door I had to step to the side as his father was falling out backwards and landing on his arse with my man right behind him. His father got up holding his jaw, cussing. But when my guy took a couple steps towards him, he quickly turned and ran to his car. I had never seen my guy angry before, but I soon realized he had given his Father a clatter in the jaw.

I went inside to check my roommate and he was standing there with tears running down his face, a new black eye appearing around his swollen eye. I found out that when he refused his father a glass of whiskey, saying he wanted to talk to him sober, his father got enraged and punched him in the face. We happened to get back just a little too late to save another black eye, but in time before his Father did any more damage to his son.

That night, each of us learned a lesson. My roommate learned that just because someone provides the sperm for your birth, doesn't make them qualified to be a Father. I learned that my guy throws a mean right handed punch and he learned that its better for your hand to punch someone in the nose rather than on their hard cheek bones.

As each of us gets older, life has a way of taken more and more of the innocence of our youth away from us. There are many lessons we will learn in our lives. We just have to realize that life isn't always perfect, people aren't always perfect. Yet, we can't let the negative parts of life consume us and make us bitter. My roommate realizes now that he can never go back to the place he once called home, but as time goes by he will find his place in this world, the place where he is meant to be and that will be the place he will truly know as home.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oridnary Men Singing

I love when ordinary, everyday men sing. Something very sexy about it. My guy sings a lot around the house and I love it, but he won't let me film him and post it. So here are a few guys I found who I think are fun to watch. Some are very good singers, others not so much. But they put their heart into it. So sit back and watch a few and imagine you two are alone and they are singing the song for you. I'm going to go put some music on and see if my guy will sing me a song before we go to bed. So romantic.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Rock Climbing

The Christmas music that was playing the other day made me realize the holidays are upon us. Since this was his first week back from Africa, we spent the week together getting to know each other again. We did stop by a Halloween party mid-week and had some laughs with friends. By the end of the week we started to get a little restless of being at home and we decided to go rock climbing.
For those who know me, you know I have been rock climbing for years and have a real passion for it. Whereas my mans experience at rock climbing was a few times several years ago. Needless to say I was a little worried about his inexperience, so I asked around and found a place that was not too difficult to climb.
On the way there I spent over an hour going over things with him, explaining things, going over things, being quite the expert and he was a dutiful student listening to everything I said. When we got there I strapped him in his gear, went over the route we would take, told him not to get nervous and focus on where he was putting his hands and feet. I felt quite sure he had listened to everything I said and everything would be OK and we would have a good time.
By now you are probably realizing something happened or I wouldn't be writing all this. Guess what, you are correct in thinking that. We started climbing, everything was going good until when climbing over a little crevice to get to the other side, my foot slipped, bent on a rock and I sprained my ankle. That's right, all that time spent worrying about him and I am the one that ends up hurt. Ironic isn't it. Or should I say, par for the course. Not only did he have to practically carry me back to the car, he had to help get the two back packs back and the gear.
We stopped at a nearby town where he got some ice and bandages for my ankle. He took me boot off and examined my ankle that was now swollen and purple. Fortunately it was not broken, but I had to ride home with him looking at me with a smug smile on his face the whole way home. I asked if he was enjoying this irony and while he protested that no he wasn't enjoying it, his evil laugh betrayed him.

But I will have the last laugh because now I have to stay off my feet for a few days, which means he will have to do the cooking, the cleaning, and shopping for groceries. I actually hear him coming in the door right now from cutting some firewood. Hope he's not too tired from all that wood cutting, since it is time for me sponge bath.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Holidays

Last night was Halloween. We went to a friends house to celebrate the night with some friends. It wasn't a costume party so I didn't have to dress up, but on the way to the party I saw people in costume walking their dogs, driving their cars, working in shops. Several people even dressed their own dogs up. I would have tried this with my cats but they would have 1. bit the crap out of me, 2. scratch the crap out of me, and 3. sue me for unlimited amounts of catnip.
I can't believe in a few weeks we will be putting up a Christmas tree. This year is going too fast. Yesterday we stopped at a shop and even though it was Halloween, the store was already decorated with Christmas trees and selling all kinds of Christmas stuff. I thought they were rushing the season until I was awakened today by my man cooking breakfast, playing Christmas songs on the stereo. I sleepily walked out to the kitchen, stared at him and was about to complain about him rushing the season when I noticed he was wearing just his boxer shorts and an apron and he looked really sexy.
Just then the song I'll Be Home For Christmas came on the stereo and he started singing it. He turned, saw me and smiled. He walked, no he glided, like Fred Astaire over to me still singing and kissed me and said "I am excited, this will be our first Christmas together."
So the part of me that was still in Halloween mode and feeling like the Grinch, had his icy heart melted at those words and all the little who's down in whoville started to sing. And at that moment, that very moment I did what any other man in my situation would have done. I went back to bed and pulled the covers over my head and wondered what happened to Thanksgiving.