Sunday, May 27, 2007

London with the girls

Its been a rainy day in London. We did the British Museum. An awesome place. I recommend everyone visit the museum if you are ever in London.

The girls wanted to see Buckingham Palace, so we did that. Of course being Americans, we don't like to carry umbrellas. So none of us had an umbrella. For me, just give me a baseball cap and I am good for the rain. Did the girls enjoy the rain as much as I did....not so much. Their puffed up hairdo's have now gone flat and we have had to head back to where we are staying at for some more primping.

We are leaving London early tomorrow morning and we are going to meet up with my cousin and a couple of his friends in Paris. He is going to take us to see the Somme American Cemetery and Memorial to pay our respects on Memorial Day the date in which Americans honor those who have served and fallen for the country. It is about a two hour drive northeast of Paris.

Then when we get back to Paris, we are going to have a cookout at my cousins place. A good old American cookout of burgers and hot dogs. Of course there will be some English and French foods mixed in and rightly so since they were our allies in the wars. Then after lunch, the girls are going to go out with my cousin and his friends shopping. But I have plans to sneak off with my new love and do some site seeing of Paris with just the two of us. Paris is the city of romance.


Anonymous said...

I bet they are a handfull!

Anonymous said...

Still getting to see their boobies, you lucky dog!