Sunday, March 30, 2008


We picked up our rings today from the jewelers. For anyone who doesn't know the story, a couple months ago, my man gave me his fathers ring and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I happily agreed. But the ring was a bit big on my finger and I wanted him to have a ring too. I didn't want to be the only one with an 'engagement' ring. So we went and picked out a set of rings that we both liked.
Today we finally picked them up and now we both have a ring on our finger. Now every time I see his hand today and see that ring on his finger, it brings a smile to my face. We're actually committing to each other.
I have dated several men in my life that I really loved and thought that we would spend our lives together and make this commitment. But for one reason or another that didn't happen and I was beginning to wonder if it would happen to myself. I had given up on love just a couple years ago and was resigned to the fact that it just wasn't going to happen. Gay men just don't like commitments or at least the ones I knew.
So I threw myself into my work. I was happy, or so I had told myself, until my cousin came back into my life. It was actually a misfortune of his that led me to change my life. What was to be a two week visit to Europe to be with my cousin instead turned out to be a life changing event. Once over here I realized that there was more to life than I was experiencing in PA.
After helping my cousin through his issue, I was faced with going back to PA and my old life, or staying over in Europe and seeing what's out here. I decided to settle in Dublin and made all the necessary plans. Leaving the states was hard at first, I was really homesick and thought I may have made a bad decision. But before long I settled in here and part of that was because I had met my man.
I fell in love with him the moment I first saw him. Or maybe not love, but lust. I defiantly thought he was one of the most handsome men I had ever seen. I thought he was straight at first and when I found out he was gay and he asked me out, my heart skipped a beat. It's been almost a year that we have been together and still every time I am away from him for any amount of time and see him again, the sight of him still makes my heart skip a beat.
We only have a few more days together before he goes to Africa. But this time we set up a global calling plan and I am going to actually go visit him on a break one weekend in Africa. I have never been to Africa, so it will be an experience, plus it will allow us to spend some time together.

Have A Nice Day


I finally got all my taxes taken care of and my monthly bills paid for April. I hate paying bills, its a real chore for me. I told my man when we move in together, he is paying all the bills. He agreed to it if I do the cleaning. So we made a deal on that. Now if I can only get him to do all the laundry?

Early Morning Shower

My man is home, yeah! I was sitting at the computer when he walked in the door chatting with one of my friends online. I felt him come up behind me and lean over me and he kissed my neck. The smell of his cologne, his arms wrapping around me, I turned to kiss him knowing that everything was alright with my world tonight for he was home.
We got a little carried away with the kissing and when I turned to look at the computer to sign off with my friend, I noticed all kinds of misspelled gibberish from when one of us leaned on the keyboard and it got sent to my friend. I had just finished writing that he was home before that was sent. His response when he saw the gibberish was "Oh God, are you having sex, get off the keyboard. I am out of here." and he signed off. It gave us both a good laugh, so I just wanted to clear that up with my friend when he reads this. No we we're not having sex, although he is going to take a shower right now and I need one to, so I think I will head off now and see which one of us drops the soap!

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