Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Heard His Voice

No, not Gods voice or the little voices in my head. I called my man for the first time today since he went to Africa. I felt weird calling him at first because I never know what he is involved with and if I would be calling at a bad time. But I was really missing him and took a chance just to hear his voice. So I called and it rang about five times and I was beginning to hang up when I heard a click and his voice came on the line. Knowing it was me calling him, the first words out his mouth we're "I've missed you, so glad you rang." Once I realized it was a not a bad time to call and he was happy I called, I was able to settle myself down and enjoy the conversation with him.

He said he's doing well, but he's knackered and could really drink a pint. He said there is a little eight year old boy they named Wafer who he treated and now follows him around all day. I told him about my upcoming trip to the states and about some things that are going on in Dublin. It was a good phone call even though it was short. I could have talked to him for hours and after hanging up the phone, I missed him as much as before I called him. But at least I heard his voice, heard his laugh, and we shared a moment of our day together.

Time for me to start packing and get ready for the plane flight to the states.


David said...

It's great that you got to hear hes voice and know that he is well. I hop you enjoy being back in the states. I wish you were coming to the Houston area.

American Irish said...

I'll be in Dallas this week, that's about as close to Houston as I'll get. We're in Atlantic City right now. I spent time at the beach and now I have sunburn.