Monday, April 14, 2008

A Day For Movies

After I got home from my martial arts class earlier today, I have done nothing but watch movies and play on the internet between breaks. My friend Hamish came over and I made him and my roomie ham slices with pineapple chunks and green beans. MMM. I even have some left over to take to work tomorrow. I will be stuck in the office for another week to finish up a project I started when I hurt my hand. But I was assured I would be back on a ship after this next week. I can't wait to get back to sea. The weather is going to be getting nice and it will be awesome to be out on the water with the sun shining down.

Hamish and I watched No Country For Old Men tonight. It was a good movie, but not my type of movie. I don't like movies like this with all the killing sprees. But Javier Bardem who is a great actor, did a great job in this movie and deserved the Oscar he won.

I have to go to bed soon and I am not even tired. I can't believe its Monday and another week of work. These weekends go too fast.

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It's not wrong, humans suck sometimes. But animals are love.