Thursday, April 17, 2008


I had a nice surprise when I came home from work today. There was a video email from my man waiting for me in my in-box. His face is already sunburned and he looks really cute with a little bit of color to his face. He seems tired, but is in good spirits. He sends love to his friends and said he is almost done finalizing my trip and will email me with all the details in a few days. I can't wait for that.

Time to head out for a workout. Spring is here, I am so excited about that too. This was a long winter.

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Mike said...

It's great to hear he is doing good. I can relate to the sunburn. I've been out in the fields all week and my face is burned. The sun of Africa is a lot stronger than here, so I bet he is pretty sore in the face right now.

American Irish said...

I was out in the country the other day with a friend during work to pick up some supplies and the place smelled like manure. It reminded me of back home. Funny how animal poop can remind you of home! We definately lived a country life growing up. lol

Jack Whack said...

Video email? What's that?


Anonymous said...

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