Monday, June 23, 2008

What A Difference A Day Makes

He's back! He's tan, lost wieght, and is very tired, but he's home! I hardly got any sleep last night. I slept on the couch and every little noise woke me. I finally fell asleep around daylight and had a couple hours sleep. I woke up and was puttering in the bathroom brushing my teeth and never heard the door open and him coming in until I saw him walking towards me.

When my body met his and I wrapped my arms around him, it was the greatest feeling ever. Ok, the second greatest feeling because kissing him was the best! And yes, he lived up to his promise and took a long hot shower and ok maybe that was the greatest feeling ever being in the shower with him. But anyway...

We spent some time alone and then went to his mothers house for her welcome home party with family and friends. It was a good time and very good food, his mother can cook! He talked about his time in Africa at the dinner table. After dinner when the dishes were being cleared and more wine was being poured, I found myself just staring at him laughing and talking, sitting on the other end of the table. I started to get teary eyed thinking of how much I missed him and how good it was too see him back home safe. While everyone was busy talking and clearing dishes, he glanced my way and must have noticed the tears in my eyes. He nodded for me to get up and meet him in the living room.

Once there, he hugged me, kissed me, and took me upstairs to his childhood bedroom. He told me I was the first boyfriend he brought to his room. I told him I bet he said that to all the boys. He laughed and then pulled me onto his old bed and we snuggled there talking his arm around me as he laid at my side with his legs draped over me. It felt so good to just have him next to me so close. We talked for a litle bit and then I realized he had fallen asleep. So I just stayed there with him, watching him sleep, listening to him and feeling him breath. After a while his mother came looking for us and knocked on the door. When she came in the room, I felt strange being on his bed with her standing there, it felt as if she would ground us. lol But she smiled when she saw him sleeping and shut the door. After about a half hour I heard his friends and family leaving, so I woke him and we went downstairs closed up the party and then headed home.

Back at home, the night went by fast. Its now morning and I have to go to work on a ship this week and I won't see him until late in the week. But he's home, safe, and healthy and I will just have to count the days until I can see him one more time.


David said...

I'm glad he's home safe and sound. It sounds like he had a good welcome home party.

Mike said...

Welcome back and I'm glad you are cuz my buddy missed the hell out of you.

jen said...

Welcome back. Tis a good thing you did. I like hearing that gay men can give back and not always take.

jen said...

hugs and kisses. Its great news to hear he is hom... hugs and kisses. Its great news to hear he is home. I bet you were so excited and happy.

Mr. Wallace said...

How touching your writing is. It reminds me of when I was young and in love. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

You two don't manage to stay in the same place very long?

Anonymous said...

I have fallen in love with your blog.
the videos, the pictures, the write-up...everything just amuse me..
keep up the good work
a gay from India

American Irish said...

Thanks for the nice comments everyone.

Anonymous said...

I just read your's so sweet!!
I'm so happy for you and your boyfriend!!
It must be an amazing thing to have someone who loves you so much

best wishes