Sunday, June 29, 2008

Iker Casillas - Spain

I said earlier I was going to root for Germany, but I have a crush on Iker and I just spent a day in Spain and loved it and men from Spain are very sexy. So how can I root against him and Spain? I can't.

I would like to see them end 0-0 and both share the trophy. That obviously can't happen, so I shall remain neutral and just hope for a great game with lots of shirtless, half naked hugging at the end. What? I am gay after all and like your not thinking the same thing. lol

We're having a little get together for the game with some friends. I'm starving, need to go and get some food. We're drinking German beer and having Spanish food to eat. Sort of goes along with my neutral theme for the day.


Anonymous said...

Saw him during the game and holding the trophy. Very handsome.

JBL said...

Your man Iker had a shut out. Spain deserved to win this championship.

Anonymous said...

Casillas... sexy

Φιλίππα said...

he is the best goalkeeper..i love him...iker u are so handsome...!