Friday, June 13, 2008

Men In Black

Tonight we went to a banquet for children with special needs. Hamish, my flat mate, and myself all dressed up for the black tie event. I am wearing an all black outfit, black pants, shoes, shirt, tie, suspenders, and jacket. I look like Johnny Cash threw up on me. Since we're all dressed up and the night is young, we have decided to go out on the town for some fun.

We stopped by the house to use the bathroom, get something to eat and drink and now we're on our way back out. Its Friday night, the weekend is here and my man is coming home. I couldn't be in a better mood. I am going to have a great time tonight and I hope all my friends out there have a great night and enjoy your weekend. I spent the early afternoon at the beach trying to get some suntan and I have to say the men are frigin hot. I recommend you find yourself someplace near water and just enjoy the summer scenery. There is lots of eye candy running around half naked. Not that I am looking since I am not single. Ok, actually I am looking! I am allowed to look, I just can't touch.


Hamish said...

I cried when the one kid gave his speech and the other helped him with the words. So sweet.

American Irish said...

I know, it was such a touching moment. It made listening to all the other long speeches worthwhile just to see that. When they gave him a standing ovation, I had tears running down my face too. I couldn't see you clear in the dark, but I thought I saw you wiping some tears too.

Anonymous said...

...and he does charity work. I'm fallen in love with you even more.