Sunday, June 22, 2008

Poolbeg Pier - Dublin South

I ate so much tonight I thought I was gonna puke. I love Shepherds Pie and I was full from that, but my sweettooth and my friend Hamish talked me into dessert of chocolate cake. I took the car tonight to fill it with gas so that its one less thing Gareth has to do when he comes home and we just sat in the front seat holding our aching stomachs from eating so much. We took a drive around Dublin and had fun even though it rained a bit.

I talked my mans mother into moving her welcome home party back to 5pm tomorrow so we can can spend some time together when he comes home in the morning. He's supposed to arrive sometime in the morning Sunday, which is already today in Dublin, and I'm having trouble sleeping. So I thought I would spend some time on my blog til I get sleepy again and then go to bed hoping morning comes fast so I can see him. I can't wait to see him and hold him and well, you know the rest.


Didio said...

u got an awesome blog dude! =)
hope one day mine gets as good as yours ![despite i haven´t put much effort to it!] lol
all the best,

American Irish said...

Thanks Didio. I will check your blog out.

gerryb said...

Give him a hug and thank you from Mark and me... All the best