Saturday, June 28, 2008

Out At Work

Its official! I am out at work now. Everybody got to talking about their personal lives during some down time on the ship and to make a long story short, I revealed I was gay. Some of my close friends on the ship already knew, others didn't and one lady was rather shocked at the news. She insisted I couldn't be gay. Eventually she came round to realize I wasn't jest joking and it was good to know I debunked another persons stereotype of a gay man.
When we spent a night in Spain, we had a nice dinner and lots of drinking and having a good time. She started to ask me many questions about gay sex between men. I was saved from answering most by the other crew who I think noticed my embrassment at her curiosity. The crew have been great. They've not treated me any different and my one friend Chris who is straight, shared a room with me that night and did not have a problem changing clothes in front of me or being himself. In fact, I think I saw more of his naked ass after he heard I was gay, then before.

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mind At Rare said...

hmmm... you have got guts to admit it to others.. btw nice pics and vids

hope they don't treat you any different now

David said...

Congrats on coming out to the crew. I'm glad that there wasn't an adverse reaction to the news.

Mike said...

It helps for people to accept you when they know you can beat the crap out of them. hehe

Sebastien said...

That's awesome. I know when I came out at work it was a huge relief after. Congrats from Boston !!!