Friday, June 12, 2009

Tax Free Jobs

Irish teachers who want to get away from the recession and the rain may be tempted by vacancies in Bahrain, which are offering a tax-free salary of €70,000.

Bahrain Polytechnic is looking for two dozen teachers to work in a variety of roles in the Middle-Eastern college. All jobs are open to people who are successful in their profession or industry.

The Polytechnic, which opened last September, has a unique Irish connection. Gerry Murray, the chief executive of the Institute of Technology Ireland, is the only non-Bahraini on the board of the institute.

There are currently 400 students attending the facility and it is hoped that a further 1,200 students will join in September.

Mr Murray said the institute already had an international teaching force and was looking to Ireland to recruit candidates who were “pioneers” and would work with passion, compassion and creativity.

The positions, which also include living allowances, are available for a minimum of two years.

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