Monday, June 22, 2009

Freedom Faulters In Iran

On the news this morning, Iran's election authority has rejected claims of voting irregularities, but acknowledged that the number of ballots cast in dozens of cities exceeded the number of eligible voters there. So let me get this straight, more votes were cast than were legally eligible, but there is no voter fraud? The response they gave that it was a landslide victory so how could there be voter fraud is absurd and I can't believe people like this run countries. (And I'm not talking just about Iran on that issue.) It was a landslide election because you cheated and stuffed the ballot boxes or just made up numbers and didn't really count the votes. You thought if its close, people could claim voter fraud, so you chose to make it a landslide victory, but you fooled no one. The sheep have awakened.

Iran's Guardian Council -- which approves all candidates running for office and verifies election results -- said candidate Mohsen Rezaie alleged irregularities in 170 cities, and that excessive ballots were found in 50 cities, according to government-funded Press TV.

Council spokesman Abbas-Ali Kadkhodaei said voting in those locations did not noticeably affect the outcome of the election, adding that the council will continue to investigate complaints that are filed through "legal channels.". The council declared President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the winner of the June 12 election.

Earlier Sunday, thousands of riot police and militia lined Tehran's streets as the public rift among Iranian leaders appeared to be widening.

The country's foreign minister disputed allegations of ballot irregularities in Iran's disputed presidential election, and the parliamentary speaker implied the nation's election authorities had sided with one candidate .

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Anonymous said...

Eery reminiscence of another tricked election somewhere in 2000 around the American Continent... ?