Tuesday, June 2, 2009


By now you all have heard about Air France flight that has disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean. Reports now are that Brazil's largest airline, TAM, said its pilots flying from Paris to Rio spotted what they thought was fire in the ocean along the Air France jet's route. But Brazil's air force said a French merchant ship — the Douce France — searched that area "without identifying any trace of the flight."


Joel said...

one tragedy after another...
How come a huge plane disappears in the middle of the ocean without any trace? It's incredible how technology sometimes is not that reliable at all.
I hope they find the plane.

Runaway said...

It's really weird this case!
I'm a Fan of the triangle of Bermuda, sort of, but there's no mystical powers in this case, seems like somebody is just hiding something,omitting or neglecting something that happened up there in the air!!
No plane can just Disappears in the ocean without let any trace, information, signaling or anything else. And both the countries, France and mine, without any idea of what happened to the flight! All the Air space and the ocean are hardly monitored everytime, that's not possible!
Something stinks, but I can only wait and see!

P. Florindo said...

The airplane was passing by a huge thunderstorm and the electric system stopped working.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, unfortunately I think that the plane could be under the ocean. it's a sensed thought ... but without discoveries it's only a thought.... I hope better but the response usually isn't good in these situations. it's very incredible how is possible that any technological intrument of the plane cannot gave any information. I hope that can't be a terrorism sabotage ... but, also in this way we haven't informations... could be thousands of possibilities..... it's a mistery (for now). DENIS