Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sam Worthington - Terminator

Ok, we saw Terminator and every one left the theater saying it was a good movie and that Sam Worthington was a not only a good actor and Terminator, but a hottie as well. I think my man Gareth actually has a bit of a crush on him. lol


Anonymous said...

I thought he did a good job and he is cute.

Denis said...

Very cute! .... and dressed with good taste. He dress Casual style ... it, gives him young looking. His glance is deep and his forehead soft wrinkles, gives him a mature look ... he's a young man, because he's 32 - 33 years old , but in my opinion seems elder...but i think this is a positive characteristic, because mainly is charming , arouse me security, balance, grace. I like him!!!!! I have to go to the cinema to watch Terminator!!!!!!! :) :) :)