Tuesday, June 2, 2009


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Anonymous said...

I'm Denis 22y.o. I live in the Northen of Italy -job: student (social work) and also waiter.
I'm apologize to u if my English isn't perfect, but I'm Italian and I have to improve it yet.
I'm a new reader and I think your blog is great.
The picture shows a beautiful place, so romantic. I love sea-side, especially wild places, without noise because in these places I can recharge my batteries, have relax and contemplate nature.
This photo is very nice, I've never been in Ireland, but it seems a fantastic country... rich of traditions, wild places, nature, history, and stories to recount.You seems a dynamical, opened-mind, intelligent and romantic person.All is interesting, in your blog: (actuality, travels, thoughts makes me more interested in general) and ....your romantics posts hit me a lot, and nowadays it's so rare find a person full of passion like u.You have my total admiration.Thank u to entertains me with grace, good taste, adventures, thousand of colours, shapes, and life stories. Compliments! DENIS.