Friday, August 15, 2008

Devices Found

This is a reminder to pay attention when I'm out and about. Wonder if it has anything to do with the Omagh service?

Suspect devices have been found at separate locations in Dublin and Offaly.

The finds were made at a public park in Clondalkin and under a railway bridge in Tullamore.
The device in Clondalkin was discovered in Ballyowen Park off Balgaddy Road at around 9.15pm last night.

Members of the Army Bomb Disposal unit carried out a controlled explosion at around 11pm.
On examination of the package it was found to have no explosivecontent and the all-clear was given at 11.45pm.

And a bomb disposal team also dealt with a device found under a railway bridge on the outskirts of Tullamore, Co Offaly.

The device was discovered at around 7pm last night.

A controlled explosion was not carried out on the device but it was made safe at the scene.
On further examination it was found that the device was viable.
It is thought that it may have been dropped at the location to be moved later. The all-clear was given at 8.50pm

The remains of each device were handed over to gardaĆ­ at the scene for investigation.


Kelly said...

honey, you boys be safe. I would just be crushed if anything bad happend. Love you lots.

American Irish said...

Love you too Kelly.