Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Night

Another weekend gone. It's now around 9:30 Sunday night. Everyone woke up from their naps and are sitting around in boxers. Sort of looks like we're about to film a porn movie. lol

My man and I are going to go out and pick up some pizza. We could have had it delivered, but decided this would give a good chance to spend some time alone together in the car on the way there. We may even have to take a detour. Hope they all like cold pizza.

Before I know it, I will be off to work again tomorrow morning. I have to finish up a project I started last week so I won't be at sea again this week. Which is fine since we have people staying with us for a few days. Stay safe and if your having weather like Ireland, stay dry.


P. Florindo said...

Your blog is really great! I have saved your blog address on my computer and sometimes I check it to see another picture of a Irish sexy guy. ^^

Do you have MSN? Would you like to chat with me?

My MSN is

American Irish said...

thanks for the nice comment. I don't really get on chat, not much time. But if I do, I will you up. Thanks for reading my blog. Have a great week.

Mike said...

Did you get lucky in the back seat on the way for pizza?

American Irish said...

I don't kiss and tell. lol Lets just say they had to warm the pizza up.

Ryan said...

Sounds like:
You love pizza
you're familiar with porn. har. har.