Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Irish Boxers - Medal Round

Ken has assured himself of a medal in Beijing. He is in the semifinals and will take on a boxer from Great Britain on Thursday. Paddy Barnes has also assured himself of a medal by reaching the semi-finals in his weight class. Darren Sutherland fights Wednesday for a chance to be the third Irishman to get a medal at the games.

Ken won his fight with a shutout of his opponent. I was actually getting irritated watching the match because Ken was not given some points he should have been given. Fortunately he didn't need all those points since he totally dominated this match. But the next bout is going to be much tougher and he will need all the points he deservedly earns.

The crowd of Irish in the stands was loud and very supportive waving flags and chanting "Ireland". You could tell the men were feeding off the support and Ken said it made the hairs on his neck stand up. I hope there is a lot more to cheer about and they bring some Gold home to Ireland.

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Anonymous said...

I luv how Irish guys talk. I find it very sexy.

David said...

I watched the boxing on tv tonight on CNBC in the states. When he came out to box I realized he was the one you blog about. I never would have known him without this blog. I found myself rooting for him. He did good and yes, the crowd was loud.

Anonymous said...

Two cliches for Irish people that are actually true. They can drink and they can fight. Now I just need to find out if the cliche about them being good in bed is true.

Joey7777 said...

And no matter the results, may it remain the sport of gentlemen.