Monday, August 25, 2008

Kenny Egan - Irelands Olympic Silver Medalist, Boxing

Olympic Silver Medalist in Boxing, Kenny Egan. Ireland has been captivated with you and the Irish Boxing team for the showing you had at the Beijing Olympics. You did yourself and your country proud. Now the cameras can leave your mums house and you can enjoy some Guiness with your friends when you get back to Dublin. A hero's welcome awaits you!

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Jerry said...

thanks for sharing his story with us these last two weeks. The talk here was all about how many medals the USA and China were winning.

Reading articles about this Mr. Egan on your blog got me interested in him and the boxing events. It was refreshing to see how Ireland rallied behind their boxer. You Irish reminded me of what the Olympics are about and thats the people, not the winning. I think you bunch our more happy with your one silver medal and two bronze than we Americans are with a whole bunch of medals.

Joey7777 said...

Congrats to him! (And, while we're here, congrats to Aussie diver Matthew Mitcham).

Anonymous said...

He was robbed. He won the gold. Everyone is stating it around the world.

Kenny Egan said...

I just found this post. Thanks for the kind words.

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Kenny Egan