Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sleep Deprived

I realized this week that I have trouble sleeping in my bed at home. When I'm at home, I can never sleep through the night. At some point I always wake up, my one cat who follows me everywhere, gets up with me. I usually give him a snack, I drink a glass of milk, sometimes I will get on the computer for a few minutes or sit on the couch and listen to the silence of the night. On nice evenings, I even go outside for a bit and sit enjoying the night air and the moon and stars. Then I go back to bed after a bit and sleep through the night.

I think its because my body has gotten used to getting up at night while I am on the ship at sea and I can't break that habit on weeks I am at home. I'm not really worried about it since I don't wake up tired, but I did notice its becoming a habit and I need to work on breaking it to keep it from becoming a problem.

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borg_queen said...

Is that Ryan Seacrest?