Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Night On The Ship

It's a bit after 4:30 am and I am sitting on the research vessel monitoring some computer equipment I just installed for upcoming projects. I've never been on the ship alone before at night like this and I have to admit its a bit creepy. The ship makes a lot of creaking noises that I never really paid attention to when I'm on the ship at night with other people on board. But being alone, all the ships creaking sounds seem to be magnified.

I did have someone on board with me for most of the night helping me install this equipment. We heard a loud bang which startled both of us. Not sure what made that sound since we didn't go check it out. He did tell me I should go check out what made the noise, but I told him people that go check out noises in the dark are the ones who die in movies, so I was not going anywhere. lol It was all funny then, but now that I'm alone....not so much.

But the crew will soon be here so I think I will survive whatever ghosts may be on this ship and live to see sunrise. Of course I've probably just jinxed myself by typing that and fog is probably now circling the ship. I'm afraid to turn on the radio in case Adrian Barboux is the DJ.

But seriously, while it has been strange being on the ship alone at night, it has also been nice and relaxing. The air is cold, but refreshing and I love the smell of the sea. The moon is high in the sky and glistening over the ocean. The waves are lapping against the ship and between the sound of the waves and the rocking of the ship I could easily fall asleep. I turned the lights off in this room and I am sitting here with just the glow of the computer screen and the blinking lights of the equipment behind me. After I type this I am going to sit here and just enjoy the moment and watch the sun come up. I'm going to sleep good when I get home.
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Anonymous said...

you'd be a hoot to hang out with. You seem very funny.

Mike said...

Stay out of the fog.....

David said...

This is an awesome picture.

The best night skies are from the deck of a darkened ship in the middle of the ocean.

The rocking of the ship usually put me right out. I got the best sleep in heavy seas.

Anonymous said...

haha, this is funny