Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tall Ships Festival, Dublin Ireland

Dublin Docks, this is where I head off to work.

Several of us went to the festival of tall sailing ships at the docks today. We had a lot of fun looking at the tall sailing ships and I even got to take my friends on a tour of the ship I work on. It was a good day, a beautiful weather day, and we ate lots of food, heard some really good street musicians and even ran into some cheeky Seagulls.

With this being a bank holiday weekend with Monday off of work, we decided to go out drinking and dancing tonight and some of us got really shit faced. I stayed sober however and was the chaperon for my drunken friends. The hardest thing I drank tonight being some lemon tea my flat mate made for us at home. I don't have a hairy chest, but after drinking this stuff tonight I think I may wake with one in the morning.

One of the great things about Ireland is there is always some kind of festival going on, always something to go and do and reasons for the Irish masses to get drunk. The Irish live hard, work hard, play hard and the Americans, Canadians, Australians, and Germans I know that have come to Dublin and partaken of this hardiness can definitely relate to this culture.

Right now there are six of us at our flat and they have a bit of a karaoke contest going on right now. I must say, a not very good one. But its all in good fun, none of us are here to judge each other. The group includes Myself, Hamish who is one my closest Irish friends, my flat mate Duncan who has become like my little brother, Cullen, the brother of my flat mates girlfriend Katie who is also here with Sheila, one of her girlfriends.

It was a beautiful sunny day earlier and the flat is still a bit hot. All the guys are shirtless and doing a lot of hugging with each other. Its very homoerotic, especially for someone who hasn't had sex in....well, I don't even want to count how many days!

My cats don't know what to make of all this, its usually kind of quiet here. My little girl is in the middle of it all, she is a party cat from way back in the day. If she had fingers instead of paws, she'd be rolling one right now and lighting it up. My little boy, who is very protective of me since he thinks he's a dog, is sitting next to me on the desk eyeing everyone.

Sheila, who is very drunk right now, has become very touchy-feely with the guys and earlier as I started writing this she came over and put her hands on my neck and started rubbing my hair. That made me sit straight up in the chair and drew a laugh from my flat mate and his girl who noticed the scene. At this point Hamish is sorting through our Cd's to find something new to play and didn't notice. Just as I was about to ask her what she was doing she started scratching my back. So......I didn't say anything. What? That's my greatest weakness, I love me back scratched.

But as I mentioned, being drunk, she has become very touchy-feely. After a few moments of backscratching, she reached around the front and started rubbing my chest. Now I must admit I did sort of jump a little when she touched my chest, a little bit because I was startled, but mostly because its been awhile since anyone touched my chest, except for getting punched and kicked in it during martial arts class, and it sort of tickled me and I quickly grabbed her hands and looked up at her. I swear she was leaning in to kiss me when Katie whisked her away and sat her down on the couch where she is currently behaving herself, although singing a bit off key right now.

After she sobers up I am going to have to discuss with her that I can be a really good friend, I can take her shopping, I can cook her dinner, I can even decorate her house for her, but we're gonna need to talk about how the whole gay thing works.

Oh no! The song Danny Boy just came on and they are all hugging and singing. If these drunk Irish bastards start crying, this party is over!


Kelly said...

Well, you are butch and manly, so its easy for us girls to get confused and think your straight, or at least bi. But she needs to stop touching yo chest.

Mike said...

When I come visit later this year, I want a tour of your ship.

Anonymous said...

I went to the festival, the seagulls were hilarious.