Monday, May 5, 2008

Back In Dublin

I had planned to just spend the whole day in bed and catch up on my rest before I have to get back into the swing of a normal work week tomorrow. But my flat mate would have none of that. He would not leave me alone until I agreed to get up and go to lunch with him and his new girlfriend.

After getting a shower and waking up, we went to do some shopping, ate at an outdoor cafe along the Liffey and then we went to the park where they played frisbee and I laid in the grass resting, listening to some Westlife and some country musinc and watching all the cute guys running around without shirts. It turned out to be a nice relaxing day. The girlfriend turned out to be really funny and I liked her alot. She is a very outgoing personality and speaks whatever is on her mind. She should be fun to be around, although if they ever argue, I think it will be a loud one and he will lose. lol

I am at my mans place right now, watered the plants, cleaned up a bit with dusting and ran the vaccum. I'm a little worried about him tonight because I heard on the news some fighting was going on in the area he is in. I tired to call him several times today, but he didn't answer the first couple times and now I am not able to get a signal to connect. It keeps disconnecting after ringing one time.

Check out the new link I added to my blog listing. Its a LGBT listing of blogs like my own by a new friend of mine from Australia. Him and his man are both cuties and I would like to direct you to his site where you can find all kinds of LGBT blogs that may interest you.

Well, I am hungry, so I am going to close down this computer and head home and get something to eat. I have to go back to real work tomorrow, yuck!


Mike said...

Real work? Do you even know what real work is anymore? Even when you have to work in an office you do "research". That means playing on the computer. What a life. ha ha

American Irish said...

Don't be hating! lol