Friday, May 30, 2008

Another Sleepless Night

Its a little past 2 am and I am still awake. My bed just feels empty tonight so I tried to get some sleep on the couch. But that didn't work either. I sat outside for awhile hoping the night air would make me tired. My flat mate came home from work and talked me into coming inside before I get sick.

I just played a few of the videos my man sent me from Africa and got to see his smile, hear his laugh and I played the "I love ya boy" part over and over. I miss my little Leprechaun. Not much sleep happening here tonight and morning is gonna kick my ass!


Kelly said...

aw, I can hear him saying I love you boy! he said that a few times on your visit here. I remember thinking how cute it sounded. As a girl I know when a man means those words and trust me he loves you lots. You can take some comfort in knowing that and he will be home before you know it.

American Irish said...

Thanks Kelly. Working in the office this week I am not as busy as when I'm at sea, so I have more time to miss him. As usual, I'll be fine as long as he comes home safe. Just missing him a lot this week.

Anonymous said...

you're a doll! So sweet.