Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday To Spence

Here is a little lap dance for you.

A bunch of us are going out for drinks tonight to celebrate a friends birthday. I am hoping it will get me out of the mood I am starting to get into. I am starting to really miss my man and its getting me a bit down. The days are not going fast enough til I can see him again. Plus, I was never cut out to live the life of a monk, celebacy is not for me, so not being able to do THAT is frustrating! My cats are starting to get that worried look back in their eyes and they are avoiding making eye contact with me. lol So I am hoping being out with some friends tonight will break that mood and get me back on track.


gerryb said...

Hi friend,
Try to remember that as long as you two have each other, you're never really alone. There will always be a part of him in you and you with him. Have a good time with your friends and focus on the next time you'll be together. The time will fly by.
ps...thanks for the men in kilts..
how did you know it's one of my major obsessions. Keep well.

hamish said...

what a night!