Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Better Mood

We've been listening to some Mark Ronson while we got showered and dressed to head out tonight. As anyone knows from reading previous posts, I love this song Valerie and love Mark Ronson. He has one of the best smiles and anyone that knows anything about me, knows that I find smiles very sexy.

I happened to catch this new video he has of the song and I think its great the way he creates a video without Amy Winehouse since apparently she couldn't/didn't/wound't show up to be in it. I thought it was very creative and well done and his smile shines through this video.

Enjoy the video and tell me if his smile doesn't leave you with a smile! My mood has gotten much better and I now have a smile on my face. It's gonna be a good night.


Mike said...

You'll have to do what I do when my washer a load by hand! Seriously though, cheer up my little buddy. Just remember he loves you, you love him, and he is doing something good right now that is helping who knows how many. So be patient and just keep a smile on your face.

Carol said...

Sending some hugs sweetie. I know what its like to miss someone since my boyfriend is in Iraq. The nights are long and the days are rough. Just keeping looking at the ring on your finger and know he is looking at his ring each night thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

thinking of you both.