Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lazy Saturday

I had another martial arts class last night and the teacher abused my body again. I swear I did over a hundred kicks with my left leg. My whole leg is sore today from the hip down. My back is sore and I need a massage and a hot tub. A nice steam bath would be good too.

I slept for 14 hours! I have not slept that long in years. I just woke up around 3 PM this afternoon. I was lying in bed watching the Chelsea-Portsmouth game on telly, but my cat was pouncing on my every move trying to get me out of bed to feed him. Between that and the fact I had to piss I decided to get up. But my body still wants more sleep.

My man is working a double shift and my room mate is away with some friends for the weekend. So I have the whole day to be lazy and I am taking advantage of it. I am going to get something to eat, get a nice hot shower, and then lay back down and finish watching this game.


Hamish said...

I rang ya this morn to see what you were doing today. Ya never answered. You should come over instead of just hanging out there pulling your plum.

I'm watching the game too. Your boy looks like Joe Cole.

American Irish said...

Sort of, but not really.

Hamish said...

Check this out. He looks like him!

You should go with me to the hooley tonight?????

American Irish said...

Yeah, that picture looks like him in a sort.

Chelsea just scored.

Not going out tonight. I am resting my body. If I go out with you I'll just get in trouble. If you want to come over you can.

American Irish said...

I'm trying to call you, your not answering. Call me.

portsmouth just scored.

Mark said...

Lazy ass

Kelly said...

Good to see you wern't a couch potato today.