Friday, February 22, 2008

Дима Билан Я тебя помню

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Mike said...

Whats uo with the animal theme today?

budajsguy said...

Я тоже тебя помню. Дима - симпатичный! Мне нравится песня.

Как поживаешь?

В лоренсе очень холодно!! Вчера пошёл снег. Мне не нравится! Прогноз погоды так не плохо. Всегда идут снег или сыплем крупа. Зима так скучная.

Я тебя люблю.


(BTW - Don't try Babel Fish on this one. It's hysterical but not quite correct. "Pour groats"! LMAO. It should be "Always it snows or sleets.")

American Irish said...

Budaboy, I thought of you with this one so I posted it for you. I hope the Russian studies are going great.

And I have no clue what you wrote above. lol

budajsguy said...

Russian is so gorram hard! Last chapter we learned about 12 new verbs, half of which mean the same thing but vary due to context. Oy! But never fear, I shall prevail!

Looks like next summer (not this coming) I'll be spending 8-11 weeks in Nizhnii Novgorod in an intensive language camp. I can't wait!!

Here's what I said earlier:

I also remember you. Dima is good looking. I like the song.

How are you doing?

In Lawrence, it is very cold! Yesterday, it snowed. I don't like it. The Weather forecast isn't so bad. Always snow or sleet. Winter is so boring.

I love you.


American Irish said...

That's wonderful that you will be going to russia next summer. You'll finally be able to put to use what you are learning.

Winter needs to be over. Tired of snow and rain and cold. Love you too.