Monday, February 18, 2008

First Love - Craig and John Paul - Hollyoaks

This video really captures the lost innocence of your first gay love. From dealing with the feelings of those who feel hurt by your decision to dealing with the new feelings of having found someone just like you in this world and falling in love with another guy and all that goes with first love.

Most of us thought our first love would be the greatest love of our lives, the one that would last forever. Even though lasting first love is not attainable for most of us, and it was not for me, I still remember my first love with mixed emotions. First love is an everlasting emotion, one we never forget.

It's still painful as a whole to think about all we had to deal with as young teenagers in love. I remember saying goodbye to my first love and as I turned to walk away I knew that life had more waiting for me to discover, but I knew I was a changed person and I knew I would always carry that first love with me in my heart.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet video.

gerryb said...

Very poignant. I've been living with the ghost of my first relationship for almost 25 years or more. Even though life has moved on and there have been other lovers and relationships, your first real love is never very far from your conciousness. Hope your week went well. Have a great week-end.

Anonymous said...

Nice post and I love these two boys.