Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Shane Filan

You Got That Look In Your Eye!

That Lucky Bastard!

Treat Me Like A Microphone Stand!

Where is his hand going?

Can't We Get Just One Up The Kilt Shot?

You want to put what and you want to put it where?


I Can Make You Cum With One Finger Too!

I Love That Smile, Makes My Knees Weak!

Open Wider!

I Miss You Too, Or Did You Finally Realize What I Want To Do To You?

Do A Little Dance, Make A Little Love, Get Down Tonight!

My Answer Is Yes to Whatever You're Thinking!

Great Kissable Lips

Shake Yo' Money Maker

Time for me to go to work. My man will be getting up soon, sometime today he will check my blog and see what I have been up too and when he sees me I will be getting punched for this posting. Although he told me before I was allowed to drool over Shane, so I may be safe.
Actually he has stopped punching me in the arm because I blogged about it. Now he just comes up behind me (he is taller and stronger than me) and squeezes me until I give in. I need to get an attack dog!

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Mark said...

You're so gay! lol

Kelly said...

He's cute.

Mike said...

I'd punch you to if I was your man. Not saying I want to be your man. I'm just saying!

Grant said...

An attack dog. You're such a nut. I luv you're stupid sense of humor. You're never totally serious are you? You are the little boy who refuses to grow up.