Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I have a gripe today. The neighbors moved out and the landlord is painting their flat. Usually no problem, smell of pant does not bother me. But the paint they are using must be some cheap, illegal shit. It smells like gasoline. My whole flat last night and now tonight when I came home still smells like I have a gas leak. I keep walking around smelling and wondering, is the paint from next door or do I have a gas leak? I think its just the paint fumes because they have that flat all closed up and its seaping into my flat.

But if by chance you hear of an apartment in Dublin blowing up, then you will know I was wrong and I really did have a gas leak. Fortunately its cool enough to keep the windows open. I only wish the morons that did the painting kept their windows open.

I watched "Holiday" with Jude Law last night. He was too cute in this movie. If you havn't seen the movie yet, rent it just for his performance. You will fall in love with him. The movie is actually really good too, which I didn't expect.

I am off to the pub for dinner and drinks with a couple friends. Enjoy your night everyone. And for me friends in the States still at work, I just want to say sucks to be you!

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