Monday, August 13, 2007

Phone Call

I was having a great day today, had lunch with a friend and we laughed all during lunch. Work was easy, I answered loads of personal emails that I have been foresaken for a long time. Then tonight I just received a call from me mate. He is doing well for all those who emailed me asking. It was great to hear his voice. I even had a good jog tonight. Now I am off to get a bath and watch some telly before bed.
Posting a pic of Shane just because its been days since I have.
The only thing that was a negative for the day was that I didn't get to see any of the meteor shower that happened last night. Too overcast. Hope anyone else who stayed up late or woke up early to see them had a chance to get a glimpse of a few.


budajsguy said...

Glad to hear your boy's doing good--and that you are, too.

Speaking of (or drooling over) Shane, have you seen the pics of him, Nicky and the beards--I mean wives--on the beach in Miami? Methinks Shano needs to come jogging with you. And Nicky with me, of course.

Hugs, hot stuff.

Kelly said...

Shane is cute. Glad you had a good day.

Mike said...

Cool beans bud.