Friday, August 31, 2007

My Boys Are Here

Five of me friends from the States are here to visit me for a week. Can you smell the testosterone!

I stocked up on the beer for their visit.

I even got the boys a few dates!


They're country boys, like they never...

We went out tonight for a few drinks to the sports bar, but came home early. They are all suffering jet lag right now. So we're about to settle down to a night of just hanging out at my place and enjoying some stories and getting caught up on each others lives.

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Kelly said...

Yeah, the boys are all together again!!!

Jen said...

Have fun boys, but be good boys.

Jeb said...

Awesome. Enjoy, bring me sumptin back.

Myra said...

Have fun, we'll be thinking of you all. Love you guys.

Todd said...

Sheep! Fresh meat, they may never come home!