Saturday, August 18, 2007

Beautiful Love

I got a phone call from me guy today. We talked for a whole hour. He is feeling homesick, so I had to cheer him up. I had him laughing and in good spirits when we said goodbye. That has helped me to cheer up and now I am in a better mood today.

I have a friend here now who wants me to go out with him tonight. I tried to tell him I didn't feel like it, but it didn't work. Back in the states if I got in a mood and one of me friends tried to bother me to go out I could threaten bodily harm and they would leave me alone. That doesn't seem to work on these Irish boys. Me friend kept nagging me to go out and when I threatened to punch him if he didn't leave me alone his reply was in heavy Irish tongue, "You'n a hit me, I'll give you a clatter in the jaw back. Still when we're done beating the shite out of each other, ya gonna git out of those scunders and put some nice clothes on and we're gowin out!" So needless to say, threats don't work on these Irish MF'ers. They love a good fight before going out.

But we did compromise. I said I didn't want to go out and just sit in some pub and drink, so we are just going out with no definite destination. We'll let the day take us. Not sure what I am getting myself into. Why do I have this feeling in the pit of me stomach that at 2:00am later I am going to be sitting in some jail cell, some big beastly man staring at me and I will be wondering why I listened to this Townie and wishing I had just beat the shit out of him.




Mike said...

All it has done today is rain. It's supposed to rain all week. I think America is having an Irish summer.

Dan said...

Two more weeks and we will be there to visit. I can't wait.