Thursday, September 10, 2009

Irish Rugby


borg_queen said...

Rugby really has this uncanny ability to sculpt the face into a very manly squarish. Even unattractive guys would turn appealing.

Runaway said...

I want to be this Rugby ball.
Jesus Turn the Lights off, 'cause its gonna be me and this whole team!

Rocky said...

Hello American Irish,

I would like to thank you for adding me to your blogroll. By adding me to your blogroll, you always refer readers to my blog. It just shows that your blog have good amount of traffic.

Regarding the Rugby, this is a nice sports but unfortunately it is not popular here in the Philippines.


Vévé said...

All more reasons to be "affraid" of team sports ;)
btw, AI, check my own blog and you'll understand more my "fear" of those games lol
btw... very nice choice of pics, once again :)
Glad your lives are back on track :)

Anonymous said...

please tell me where you get the photos of the Irish rugby hee in Dublin I wonder how you get such great photos....

Ing said...

Okay I think I just got a cavity from all these eye candy! :) And yes I realize that was a lame comment but it had to be said.

WranglerMan said...

Could you pass along my number to any one of them?

American Irish said...

Rocky, you're welcome. I have a lot of readers from Asia. Glad they are checking your site out too.
Veve, I'll have to read your blog to find out why team sports scare you.
Anon...I have connections.
Ing...even my cats growned on that one. lol
Warngler...sure will, go ahead, wait by the phone. lol

Anonymous said...

DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! This has got to be the hottest team ever.

Rachel said...

That grin in the first photo is a killer. Could you ever say no to that? I couldn't! :)