Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Irish Boxing - Milan

Three Irish boxers have made it through to the quarter-finals of the AIBA World Senior Championships in Milan leaving them just one win away from a guaranteed medal.

Olympic silver medalist Ken Egan, Willie McLaughlin and John Joe Nevin advanced to Wednesday’s last eight deciders following impressive wins at the Mediolanum Forum.

Cavan bantamweight Nevin was the last Irish boxer in the ring tonight, recording a 10-4 victory over Iderkhuu Enkhjargal of Mongolia. The Irish senior champion will now meet Yu Gu of China in the quarter-finals.

Egan was 3-1 ahead at the end of the first against Columbian light heavyweight Jeysson Monroy Varela, but his opponent had pared that back to just one going into the third.

Egan upped the pace impressively, scoring eight unanswered points to complete a fine 16-7 win.

McLaughlin was forced to make a fine comeback against Georgian welterweight Jvania Kakhabev after the Donegal boxer went 3-0 down after the first.

The Irish champion, aided by a two-point public against Kakhabev for pushing, leveled at 5-5 before landing the only two clean shots of the third and final round.


Proud East Coast Liberal said...

On a side note AI, this video on Gay Marriage in Ireland is making the rounds on Twitter. Thought of you boys instantly. You've probably seen, but if not...



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Dulmaa said...

Hey AIBA, Do not make misdesicion. We, Mongolian do not bribe to compete and win. Also, as you know, we do not have an extra money to spend for that kind of uselless things, because we can win by our strenght. power and OF COURSE with our gene, Mongolian blood. This black-wash about the bribe came from those people who could not defeat our Young Boys. I wanna say, do not use kind of black or bad ways to win us. Just Compete. If you can, we admire you.
Proud of you, Mongols, Go and Beat them.

Do not discriminate MOngolian, Let Mongolian go inside of stadium to support their Heros'. Let them go inside.