Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shopping In Dublin

I have most of my Christmas shopping completed. I just have a few odds and ends to pick up to complete my gift giving list. This weekend we'll be making cookies and wrapping presents and I'll actually be all ready for Christmas Day well ahead of schedule. I've never been this organized for this holiday. Makes me think I'm forgetting something! I love shopping in Dublin. They play Christmas music out in the street and when you combine that with the cold weather and festive lights it makes running around trying to find the perfect gifts much more enjoyable.


Joey7777 said...

Being ahead of schedule with covering the Christmas necessities is so nice. You can relax and just enjoy the atmosphere.

-Nuoto- said...

Good for you! I haven't finished my Chirstmas Shopping yet..

but I have already bought the most important present..for my sister (she was born th 25th of Decemcber!) is a Ryanair ticket for Malta..

...I look forward to doing the trip with her!

budajsguy said...

Did you remember to get me tickets to come see you? haha. Hope you have a terrific holiday!

Ing said...

Look at you getting things done early and organized too! Very impressive! Sounds like a nice shopping experience!

American Irish said...

Buda, your tickets are for summer when we can go skinny dipping. lol

Joey, I am relaxing, most of my stuff is now moved and I have my christmas shopping done. I have been way to productive lately.

Nuoto, have fun in Malta. Take lots of pictures.

I've impressed myself to Ing. lol But I still feel like I forgot to do something?

David said...

Did you remember to get something for your man?

Ing said... probably forgot to buy me my! :)

American Irish said...

Ing. I tried, but a big butch lesbian guard at Iceland's airport security confisticated it. lol

David, yes he's done. I can't say what I got him yet, but he will be very happy and surprised Christmas morning.