Saturday, October 4, 2008

No Night Is Too Long

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Ing said...

That was so sweet. Now I want to see this. What TV show or movie is this.

American Irish said...

It's called No Night is to Long. See the title of this post. Geez, come on, stay with me. I know the straight men kissing has you thrown off right now, so I'll let you slide. lol

Ing said...

Did you feel that? I just cyber slapped you! Geez you are such a smarty. You are lucky you are "charming"! :)

Just looked up the movie and it sounds like a sad one.

American Irish said...

Yeah, it is sad. I'll have to hold your hand when you watch it.

So you smacked me, join the crowd. I'm always getting smacked for something. Innocent little ol me. lol

Ing said... More like the bad kid that needed a spanking is what you are. LOL!

Tried to find a place to rent this movie but no luck so far. You know where I can find it? It's that sad that I'll need your hand?