Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cats, Pubs, and Showers

When my man Gareth and Hamish get back from Mass, we're going to the Blarney Inn off Kidare Street. This is an old style Irish pub open since 1837 and serves fantastic Irish Stew.

My flat mate and I just got back from a soccer/football match. While he is getting a shave, I thought I'd pop on and post a few things. I wanted to answer some emails, but there are tons to go through.
My cats have been circling me like sharks for the last couple minutes trying to get my attention to give them their dinner. They have now each taken a position on top the desk, one on each side of the computer and are taking turns meowing at me. So, I better get off this computer and settle this rowdy crowd down. I also need to hurry my flat mate up in the bathroom so I can get a shave too and be ready for when the boys get home. They'll be just as hungry as my cats are now and ready to get to the pub.

Everyone out there, enjoy your Saturday night. As always, have fun, but come home safe.

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