Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World

John Paul and Craig moving to Dublin to start their new life. (hmm, sounds familiar) I'm going to miss watching them and their relationship grow on this show. Hollyoaks won't be the same without them.

I'm actually happy with the way the writers wrapped up their storyline. Well done to the writers of this show for showing the struggles you go through with yourself, your friends, and your family when you come out as a gay person. The characters had to make difficult choices and not everyone is happy for them, but in the end they know they have each other. Well done for a program to show that gay men can get through the struggle and have a story book romance and a happy ending!

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Kelly said...

I love it when Craig tells John Paul he loves him and he replies,"Why wouldn't you" with that smirk. That is so you!

budajsguy said...

I liked Kieron and thought killing him was rather an easy way out for the writers. I didn't like that JP slept with Craig before breaking it off with Kieron, but it seemed realistic in how it happened. The train station scenes were perfect, the exact closure this storyline needed. I'll miss them. And was it my imagination, or was Craig much hotter this go round?

Anyway, it appears Dublin is the place to find bliss! Maybe I should keep that in mind, eh?

David said...

The ending was nice and all, but I think the writer rushed it to get them both out of the show. Would of like to see them together more.

zvonimir said...

Hey m8 i need help if you would like to help me, You see i am from Croatia, and in search for gay themed movies I've watched John-Paul& Craig's story , BUT THOSE are only clips of them put in a bigger movie. I would like so much watching a full series but i cant find it anywhere. On channel 4 catchups it lets streaming only if you are in Ireland or UK. OMG curse you Britain's you can watch them. Anyway if any of you who knows something about above quests would like to help me I WOULD APPREACIATE IT VERY MUCH. These are things which interest me : What season,and number of episode was when JP showed up. And where to get them. So guys i want to watch Hollyoaks episode from begining of their reliationship to the end. Even if it starts when they were still kids (like 7 years old) PLEASE GUIDE ME I NEED YOUR HELP , MONEY ISN'T PROBLEM I CAN PAY FOR SEASONS DVD's IF THEY ARE SELLING THEM IN SOME BOOKSTORES IN LONDON. THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Greeting from Croatia.

American Irish said...

try amazon.com, BBC also sells them. But you need to make sure the dvd you buy is for your region of the world. You can also watch some episodes online but as you mentioned you may be blocked if you don't live in a certain zone.

budajsguy said...

Here's a channel on YouTube, zvonimir. This person has the JP & Craig story from the beginning, plus JP & Kieron.

Check out this URL: http://uk.youtube.com/user/crumpetsandjam

Good luck.

zvonimir said...

Thanks guys, btw if you know number of season and number of episode when their reliationship starts ( when JP turned on fire alarm to save Craig from that bully ) it would be great help.