Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Plans

It's Sunday, the weekend is about to be over and I will be going to sea again for a couple days. We had a good breakfast this morning of scrambled eggs with saugsage, onions, green peppers mixed in and homemade biscuits with jam. My man Gareth has some family things to do the early part of today so I have decided to get caught up on some reading. Don't get too excited about what book I'm reading. Its nothing you would want to read. Its a book about nautical equipment and codes and the history of such things. I can hear you all sighing now and making a frowny face over what I'm reading. I told you not to get excited. lol

Well, I'm off to get a shower now. I need to shave my face since I have a few days growth now and its really starting to itch. It doesn't bother me when I'm on the ship because it helps protect me face from the cold winds. But at home my face starts to itch and feels much better after a shave.

We're having ham slices, rice, and mashed potato's for dinner today. I am cooking that later. Hamish...I know you shall read this and show up at my door, so be here at 5:00. lol

I'm hoping to hear from all my friends in the Houston area where the hurricane hit. Chris, Kieth, Dave, and Dave and Kyle in San Antonio. Drop me a line and let me know you're all ok.


the one not invited for breakfast said...

oh piss off, I'm not coming for dinner. I could have used breakfast though.
I have a date today, did ye forget?

American Irish said...

lol, ass...I see the name you made up. Yes, i forgot you had a date. Call me after, or during. Let me know how its going on went.

hamish said...

its ten in the morning, thinks its too early to call?

American Irish said...

if you mean call me, yes its too early to call me. lol If you mean your date, no its not too early to call.

I;m signing off now, call me later. have a good time, just be yourself. oh wait, on second